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With all the major, major announcements coming out of Marvel in the past few days, we could all be forgiven for being a little overwhelmed. Between Civil War, Infinity War, Ragnarok, Doctor Strange, Black Panther, Captain Marvel AND the Inhumans, there are a whole lot of new characters, plot arcs and ridiculously epic events coming to the MCU - and not all that much information about what they are.

So, for anyone who's desperate to get their preemptive geek on and read up on just why it is they should be so excited about Captain Marvel - as well as for all you hardcore fans out there who just want an excuse to catch up on some comic-book reading - here're the key comic book runs and graphic novels to get you up to speed on everything that's coming to the MCU.

Even the Inhumans...

First Up:

Doctor Strange

Want to know the origin?

Go right back to the beginning, and Steve Ditko's creation of the character in Strange Tales #110. Keep on going through to issue #146 for a pretty comprehensive look at just who the Sorcerer Supreme is, and just how awesome his early adventures were.

Want to know what we'll see on screen?

Check out the 2010-2013 New Avengers series, from issue #1 through to its end with #34. You're unlikely to get a better sense of how Strange could fit in with the overarching MCU, should Marvel head in a fully connected direction with the character.

The Black Panther

Want to know the origin?

The Panther's introduction way back in Fantastic Four #52 is great and all, but if you want to get an idea of just why everyone started loving him in the first place, try Jungle Action #6-24, and in particular the Panther's Rage arc, often referred to as Marvel's first graphic novel (and an excellent way to get to know T'Challa's past).

Want to know what we'll see on screen?

Head straight to Black Panther: The Man Without Fear #513 (the issue in which he takes over from Daredevil on the hero's original series). From there on out, you'll get an excellent taste of The Black Panther as a New York-based vigilante, which - if the rumors of his taking on Spider-Man's traditional Civil War role are true - is a likely place for him to end up in the MCU.

Captain Marvel

Want to know the origin?

Head back to Carol Danvers (aka Captain Marvel)'s first ongoing solo series, Ms. Marvel, from way back in 1977. The character herself was fairly different back then, but you'll be hard pressed to find a better introduction to Carol Danvers anywhere else.

Want to know what we'll see on screen?

Try the recent Captain Marvel series, with the In Pursuit of Flight trade paperback a good jumping off point. Alternatively, if you want a real clue where Carol's heading, try the new Guardians of the Galaxy comics...

The Inhumans

Want to know the origin?

Go old school, and head back to Fantastic Four #45 for the Inhumans' first appearance, and then fast forward to their mid-70's solo series The Inhumans. And then, when they still don't make a huge amount of sense? Welcome to the club...

Want to know what we'll see on screen?

There are a few different ways Marvel might take the Inhumans on screen, but give the Silent War limited series from 2007 and War of Kings from 2009 a shot, and you'll get a decent grounding on what might well come to the screen.

Thor: Ragnarok

Want to know the origin?

Seeing as you already know Thor himself pretty well, start with the magnificent Walt Simonson's run on Thor from #337 through to #382 - which features some of the greatest stories ever told in print about the Thunder God.

Want to know what we'll see on screen?

Try Thor, vol.2, specifically issues #80-85. It's not the only variation of Ragnarok that's appeared in the Marvel comics universe, but it's as likely a one as any to make it's way to the screen (and to allow the character of Thor to continue in the MCU).

Civil War

Want to know the origin?

Try Amazing Spider-Man #529-531 to get a sense of one of the storyline's central figures path towards the conflict - or try the Civil War: Road to Civil War collected edition, which combines it with Fantastic Four #536-537 and New Avengers: Illuminati for a fuller picture.

Want to know what we'll see on screen?

Head for Civil War, #1-7. It'll be very much changed by the time it hits our screens, but that's essentially the core of what Marvel is planning, especially when it comes to Cap and Iron Man's central differences.

Infinity War

Want to know the origin? Marvel isn't known for sticking to original comic-book storylines all that closely, so it's worth reading Infinity Gauntlet #1-6, Infinity War #1-6 and Infinity Watch #7-10. And then, if you read them in anthology form, anything else vaguely Thanos-related that happens to be collected with them...

Want to know what we'll see on screen? Honestly? Your guess is as good as anyone's...

Now, the big question...


Which of the upcoming Marvel movies are you most looking forward to?

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