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After the fantastic news that we'll be seeing Disney's newest princess, [Moana](movie:2366693) on screens sooner than expected, there was a joint cheer of celebration that the rich and vibrant history of Polynesia was finally going to get the royal Disney treatment.

However after my initial joy, I got to thinking about the many stories of other, real life, Princesses all over the world and throughout history that are just begging to be added to the Disney Princess hall of fame. It turns out there are some awesome royals that I can't believe Disney hasn't made movies about yet.

Check out my top three picks:


Princess Erendira - Mexico

Princess Erendira became an icon of bravery when she led a war against the Spanish conquistadors when she was around 17 years old. She refused to let the invaders destroy her country and the P'urhépecha people. She set up base on a hill and attacked the arriving Spaniards. She even learned to ride a Spanish horse after killing the rider.

Sadly, Princess Erendira's father was murdered in his sleep during one of the many battles, and from there the P'urhépecha people began to lose the war. Erendira's story has a mysterious ending; some believe she committed suicide while others think she could even have been locked away by her own people so the Spaniards couldn't find and kill her themselves.

For some bizarre reason, we are yet to have a Latina princess, so what is Disney waiting for? Princess Erendira's story is perfect for Disney: a courageous, strong, young woman taking charge and standing up for herself and her people. I would love to see Erendira in the Disney lineup.


Queen Lakshmibai - India

Lakshmibai married into the royal family at a young age and became Rani (queen) of Jhansi state. Lakshmibai and her husband, the Maharaja, adopted a baby boy, but sadly the Maharaja died very shortly after. Due to the fact that neither Lakshmibai or her son were of royal descent, the British forces decided that neither of them were fit to rule Jhansi, and took over control of the state.

However, Queen Lakshmibai fought back! Instead of letting the British simply take control of her state and people, she recruited an army which allowed female soldiers, and took to the battle field with her young son strapped to her back!

Sadly, Queen Lakshmibai was eventually killed in battle, but she didn't go without a fight, and was still firing at the man who shot her when she died. In the British reports of the battle, she was written as being, "the most dangerous of all Indian leaders." I would love to see Disney make a film with a strong, Indian female lead role, and Lakshmibai seems like a perfect fit.


Boudicca - England

Boudicca was the Queen of the Iceni people of East Anglia. After her husband's death, the Romans decided to rule Iceni themselves and confiscated the properties of tribesmen. During this invasion, they flogged Boudicca, leading to their widespread resentment.

Around 60AD, Boudicca led the the Iceni people to rebel with support from other tribes. Boudicca's army defeated the Roman Ninth Legion and destroyed the capital of Roman Britain. After this success, Boudicca led 100,000 warriors to destroy Londinium (modern London) and Verulamium (modern St Albans). Sadly, after this success the Romans regrouped and Boudicca and her warriors were finally brought down by Roman Governor Paulinus.

There are varied reports about Boudicca's death, including that she killed herself so she would not be captured, or that she fell ill and died. However she died, there's no denying that she was a very gutsy and determined young ruler - the exact type of royal Disney should be making movies about.


Any of these amazing royal ladies would make a fantastic addition to the Disney princess family, and I would love to see any of them appear over the next decade. Disney princesses are role models for children all over the world and hopefully Disney will continue to introduce different and unique cultures through their princess movies for years to come. After all, as these real life princesses have proved, they have so many wonderful stories yet to tell!


Which royal would you love to see turned into a Disney princess?

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