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The world of Pokemon is one filled with happiness, color, togetherness, and the joys of adventure. So, it's only natural that a slew of creepy pastas - horrifying urban legends from the crypts of the internet - would spring forth from the pokeball of terror!

One such creepy tale has been circulating the interwebs for a while now, but has failed to lose any of its eerie potency, especially when it concerns a horrid death inducing theme song and the plight of the little, innocent Japanese pokefans.

Before handing you over to the horror, allow me to turn the mood dial to chill and regale you with a little run down of...

The Lavender Town Tone Suicides

A town called Malice
A town called Malice

What Is It?

So, the legend states that back in February 1996, the Lavender Town area in the vanilla releases of Pokemon Red and Green (Red and Blue in the West) was said to have had a theme song that drove younger players to insanity.

It contained incredibly high frequencies, of some kind, which went unheard by adults, but studies showed that these frequencies only affected children and young teenagers.

Over 200 children reportedly committed suicide after reaching Lavender Town, and many more contracted illnesses and afflictions. The suicides were mainly carried out by hanging or jumping from great heights, yet the ones who remained unaffected complained of severe headaches.

The Creepy Pasta

I implore you to listen to Lavender Hill's infamous theme before continuing. Go on, you know you want to...

In this particular pasta, Japanese police detectives were given the task of investigating the Lavender Town Tone, which, after much trial, tribulation and gruesome suicides, eventually came to a dead end with the death of the main suspect and two detectives.

Ten years later, the lead detective was still haunted by the events that occurred and one day decided to look over old evidence - which included the playing of the game. What happened next shook him to his very core. You can read the rest of the legend here, if you dare...

It's All Very Creepy.

I know and after listening to the theme a couple of times myself, I started to feel a sensation of unease. It jarred me and twisted up my guts. Those high frequencies are indeed horrible. But what spooked me more about that particular pasta was the idea of these horrible men coding their malice into content that children will readily ingest. The idea of a chiptune that drives innocence to crazed corruption, while us adults, the people tasked with the protection of kids, are powerless to defeat it is insane! Unless you straight up stomp on the cartridge. Or kill it with fire.

But these tales do not come without a solid foundation! In 1997 the Pokemon animated series hit the headlines after 600 children had seizures after watching the episode “Dennō Senshi Porigon,” which translated is, “Computer Soldier Porygon." Thankfully most of the kids were okay after a while, but a few had to be hospitalized for a long period of time.

I'm gonna go dig out my vanilla copy of Pokemon Blue and see what happens. Sudden and gruesome death, or finally catching Mewtwo, what's your bet? Anyways, wish me luck!

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