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This is a major piece of American Horror Story news for fans who've been with the show from the beginning:

Sister Mary Eunice is coming to Freak Show!

Yup, not only is long-time AHS cast member Lily Rabe coming back, but she'll be reprising her role from Asylum as Sister Mary Eunice.

Her return will involve Pepper, so we'll learn the exact circumstances that saw Pepper taken from the Freak Show to the Asylum, EW reports. Sister Mary Eunice will appear in Freak Show Episode 10.

This is all very exciting for those interested in the American Horror Story Connected Universe theory, as Mary Eunice's return will be the biggest crossover between seasons yet.

Pepper has appeared in Asylum and Freak Show.
Pepper has appeared in Asylum and Freak Show.

This appearance will also put Lily Rabe in the hallowed halls of the AHS cast members who have appeared in every season: Jessica Lange, Evan Peters, Sarah Paulson and Frances Conroy.

First, we saw Lily as Nora Montgomery in Murder House

Nora had a pretty rough time, to say the least.


Then as Sister Mary Eunice in Asylum

Your Aunt Celest sounds like she'd be pretty good friends with Patti LuPone's Coven character, Joan Ramsey...


And finally, Misty Day in Coven

I'm still pretty sore about what happened to Misty in Coven - I could not get enough of her Fleetwood Mac dreaminess...


I can't wait to see Sister Mary Eunice walk into that [American Horror Story](series:206668) Freak Show. What do you guys think about her return?


Are you excited to see Sister Mary Eunice return in Freak Show?

Source: EW


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