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Over the past few days, we've taken a look at a whole lot of the awesome, geekery-fuelled fan art of the ridiculously talented Brazilian artist Gabriel Picolo. Whether it's re-interpreting Game of Thrones, or bringing some of our favorite 90's and 00's animated shows to life again, Picolo is...well, just plain excellent at what he does.

Now, though, it's time to take a look at some of the biggest guns in any fan artist's arsenal - the legendary heroes (and especially villains) of the comic-book universe.

Specifically, in this case, the DC universe. And you know what that means...

Say Hello to The Joker...

And, specifically, to Picolo's awesomely dark and brooding take on the Clown Prince of Crime (in his classic Heath Ledger form) - which, like all the artist's work, is all the more impressive for having been drawn in a simple, tiny notepad...

Also, I can never get enough pictures of The Joker, so, there's that.

Y'know who else there really can't be enough fan-generated images of, too?

A Certain Miss Harley Quinn...

In classic, shadowy, completely off the wall form. Which is exactly how we like to see Harleen Quinzel appear - especially when it's this awesomely done.

And, finally, because it'd be unfair to let the villains get all the glory...

The Teen Titans Cometh...

And, since they're in the style of their bad-ass animated series, I'm now officially grinning like an idiot. Mainly because Beast Boy, which is sufficient reason for more-or-less anything.

Sadly, that's all the DC related stuff that Picolo has produced so far as part of his 365 Days of Doodles project - but you can see hundreds of his other awesome artworks right here.

And now, the big question: What do you guys think?


Favorite of the DC fan art pieces?

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