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Just like the fickle world of fashion, Halloween trends come and go from year to year. In the past we've seen Ghostface and Batman dropping their day jobs to look for precious candy, but who do you think will win the popularity contest this year?

Thankfully, SLI Systems has analyzed the search habits of the nation so we can predict who will come out tops before the candy coffers start overflowing tomorrow, and the America's number one costume might just surprise you...

10. Flapper – 277,000 searches

The roaring '20s are alive and well at Halloween, but the look does suit some people better than others.


9. Book of Life – 308,000 searches (includes searches for "day of the dead")

The classic sugar skull might not need much forward planning, but a bit of effort is compulsory.


8. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle (TMNT) – 536,000 searches

[Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles](movie:323027) might not have garnered huge amounts of critical acclaim, but it has inspired the nation to embrace our favorite half-shelled heroes once more. Cowabunga, dude!


7. Vampire – 565,000 searches

Alas, these days the vampires are all either sparkly or Ian Somerhalder. Bring back the plastic fangs and theatrical capes!


6. Witch – 588,000 searches

You can't go wrong with a witch costume...Unless you do.


5. Clown – 659,00 searches

Maybe [American Horror Story](series:206668)'s panic attack inducing Twisty has something to do with this trend, but clown school isn't what it used to be in some areas.


4. Pirate – 796,000 searches

Captain Jack Sparrow's influence is as tenacious as his love of rum, but not all pirates were created equal...


3. Ninja – 863,000 searches

The 'OMG is it Halloween TOMORROW?!' credentials of the easy to throw together ninja costume make it a longstanding favorite. Sadly, aspiring female ninjas out there are encouraged to court hypothermia and wear stripper heels which somewhat affects their stealth.


2. Zombie – 863,0001 searches

[The Walking Dead](series:201193) fans are dedicated to saluting the least respected actors in the cast on All Hallow's eve. Tonight the Walkers shall rule!


Frozen – 1,192,000 (includes searches Elsa, Olaf & other characters) searches

In a twist of fate that shocked absolutely nobody, characters from [Frozen](movie:411685) are set to be pounding the streets in their droves on Halloween. I would advise you to make this into some sort of drinking game, but you'd probably die.


Will you be wearing any of the costumes on the list this year?

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