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Dan Radcliffe is pretty much every thinking person's crumpet right now. Between performing an incredible rap to Blackalicious on Jimmy Fallon, questioning the sexualization of Emma Watson, and declaring himself a feminist, there's not a lot the Horns and Harry Potter star can do wrong.

While on the press junket for Horns, Radcliffe was asked if he was a fan of Star Wars, and he admitted he was not exactly an expert:

What? How could the star of a fantasy series, an actor, a film fan and a human being born in the last thirty years have managed to completely bypass Star Wars?!

And being a literal wizard, Radcliffe's excuse is kinda perfect.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, may be the only legitimate excuse for having never seen Star Wars. As in: sorry guys I was too busy BEING HARRY POTTER.

Radcliffe's stars alongside Juno Temple and Max Minghella in Horns, out this week.


How adorable is Daniel Radcliffe?

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