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There must be something in the air in Celeb-land! After Kim Kardashian seemed to let slip she's pregnant, a source close to Jessica Biel has also said that she is pregnant, too.

Radar online reported that the source said:

Jessica is at least three months pregnant.

How exciting! This would mean that little Biel-Timberlake would be due in April, 2015.

Is Jessica pregnant in this pic?
Is Jessica pregnant in this pic?

Popsugar published the above photo of Jessica Biel which is certainly indicative of an early-stage pregnancy... What do you think, guys?

This is certainly more cheering news than the latest rumors that Justin Timberlake has been cheating on Jessica Biel with backing dancer Zenya Bashford...

Congratulations to Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake if they really are welcoming a new little life into the world!


Is Jessica Biel 3 months pregnant?

Sources: Radar, Hollywood Life


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