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While in the film world we're hearing tell of another sequel to Clerks in the pipeline, in the gaming universe we're getting a taste of that in the form of Randal's Monday, a point and shoot for PC and Mac that features both Jay (Jason Mewes) and Randal (Jeff Anderson).

Randal's Monday is being called a "point and geek," in that while it's not officially a tie-in, it'll contain numerous references to the '90s and 2000s, and to Clerks itself. Incidentally, both Mewes and Anderson have appeared in almost all of Kevin Smith's films.

The story follows Anderson as Randal, who, due to a curse, must relive the same awful Monday again and again. It's an "homage to the early LucasArts games," featuring much of the same aesthetic.

The game will be released November 12th, but before that, you can see both Jeff Anderson and Jason Mewes talking about making the game below.

(Source: IGN)


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