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Star Wars Battlefront 3 Release Date & FPS

So, Star Wars Battlefront 3, will no longer have the 3 following its title. DICE and EA have confirmed it will be called Star Wars: Battlefront and will be released for the Holiday season of 2015. Therefore, we'll be waiting for the game till more than likely a late November - early December time period.

The game was also described as DICE's "major first-person shooter of 2015". Up until this announcement we weren't entirely sure as to whether the game would stay with its classic third-person formula. Granted this information isn't entirely solid, and I wonder how exactly that would work if you were granted the option to play as a droideka...

I mean the entire appeal of Star Wars: Battlefront is that you get to see the character you're playing as. If we just saw the end of a gun or a coloured lightsaber in front of us, it wouldn't really be the same. Perhaps they'll supply the option to switch back and forth between the two, though this seems highly unlikely.

What are your thoughts on this development?

While I thoroughly enjoy Battlefield's manic combat, I can't see that transferring over to this series very well if it's entirely FP. In any case, EA has lined up a reveal of how the game is looking for Spring! I'll be sure to loose my mind in Spring so.

Star Wars: Battlefront
Star Wars: Battlefront

New Characters & More of What We'd Like to See

More than two elite units!

In the old Battlefront 2 game we were granted the opportunity to play as elite units after some success on the battlefield. It was a welcome change of pace and gave the player the opportunity to try out new tactics and weapons. We want to see more and more of these factions, just like Battlefront 2 had done over the previous game. Also, I have no problems with having the original series, the clone wars and new trilogy choices available. Maybe even a new faction?

More Leaders!

That moment when you were granted the ability to play as a Jedi or another famous character from the Star Wars series was awesome. Running around a crazy battlefield as Darth Maul was my personal favourite. The man could move! Star Wars Battlefront 2's selection of leaders was a bit limited and we'd love to see that increased upon, with maybe even appearances of characters from Star Wars Episode 7, like the Inquisitor.

Star Wars Episode 7
Star Wars Episode 7

Expanded Universe Content

We know that Star Wars Battlefront will be connected with Star Wars Episode 7, albeit this will be a loose connection. But we'd also like DICE to expand upon the universe's lore and add their own input to the series. Perhaps they could invent their own kind of Sith or Jedi hero, or introduce new planets and battlefields. Of course we love the old stuff, but it's good to mix things up a bit! I mean look what the old Battlefront 3 team were planning!

Star Wars Battlefront 3
Star Wars Battlefront 3

Campaigns for ALL factions!

Campaigns aren't exactly DICE's forte, but we'd love to see every faction get their own story. I for one would also appreciate it if this campaign isn't simply take over every planet by fighting one battle on it. We shall see though. What factions would you guys like to see in Star Wars Battlefront?

From Planet to Space

Pleeeease make this happen! I so desperately want to have the option to engage in two battles taking place on a planet, either the one on the surface or that outside of the planet. Just hop on your X-Wing and try and fly your way out of the hangar into space. Remember how you could capture that base on Hoth and then get to fly the T-47 in Battlefront 2? This should be a similar feature only that the ship grants space travel.

Generally I would also love to see the scale of the battles substantially increase. If you are granted the opportunity to play as a Jedi I want to be able to plough through hundreds of droids on the battlefield! A bit much to ask of course, but the sizes of battles need to increase as well as the amount of bodies on the field.

Let me know in the comments what you want from Star Wars Battlefront!


Would you like Battlefront to be a FPS?


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