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Here are my thoughts on the movie

Not Hank Pym and after Ultron. Not something I was pleased with at first.

When I first heard this news I was like "Tony creating Utlron? Eh cool whatever, movies are movies, I'm down." Then Ant-Man was announced to come after [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](movie:293035). Then I'm all like "Whuh!? No one cares about Ant-Man after Ultron." Remember that Hank blamed himself for Ultron and wanted to quit the Avengers. Then it was like "Who is Scott Lang?". Then that Wasp Hope van Dyne mess and dead Jan stuff came around the movie hype was comparable to Ben Affleck's Batman and Gal Gadot's [Wonder Woman](movie:45787). That's no compliment. Nothing of the movie has been talked about since. Besides the storyboard art and Howard Stark and Alexander Pierce.

On the flip side.....Secret Avengers?

Two versions of the team.
Two versions of the team.

On the left is the Civil War team that Captain America had. This was his team used to fight the Superhuman Registration Act.

On the right is the black ops version of the team led by Steve Rogers while Bucky had the Captain America mantle.

No comic or TV show has had Scott Lang on this team. I imagine for the MCU, he will be on one of these teams. I have no doubt that the Civil War team will be brought into the film. As for the black ops team? Unless Steve takes a stealth and MCU specific team to missions during Avengers: Infinity War, then I don't see that happening.



As far as we know, Scott Lang won't go giant. As Hank Pym shrunk and grew, Scott will only shrink.

I would love to see some giant man stuff!


So that Ant-Man tho...


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