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Batman vs Superman is about to release the teaser trailer they showed at the San Diego Comic Con, all the way back in X, and the anticipation of this movie has never been higher.

DC are already perceived as having some catching up to do with Marvel, especially now that Marvel Studios have revealed they will be pitting two of the own top heroes up against each other in [Captain America: Civil War](movie:994409).

And new details are emerging all the time from Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, so let's look at three of the most recent - but watch out, these contain potential Batman vs Superman SPOILERS!

Batsuit: Armored AND Laced With Kryptonite?

There has been much discussion about how many Batsuits The Dark Knight will wear in Batman vs Superman, but the latest rumor to emerge is that the suit he wears in his final confrontation with the [Man of Steel](movie:15593) is laced with Kryptonite!

Is this Batman's only Batsuit?
Is this Batman's only Batsuit?

This, of course, would give Batman a distinct advantage over Superman, and in many incarnation of the character Batman has taken to carrying a either a lump of Kryptonite, or a Kryptonite ring, in case he ever comes into conflict with Superman.

Of course, the main question that leads from this rumor is - where does he get hold of the substance?

Bruce Wayne & Lex Luthor: The Battle of Billionaires

According to the spoilers floating around on the internet, Bruce Wayne is not the only billionaire who view the Alien Superman with suspicion. The other is Lex Luthor - and there have recently been reports of a meeting between the two billionaires.

The public are angry with Superman!
The public are angry with Superman!

Both Lex Luthor and Bruce Wayne attend the opening of a library funded by LexCorp, at which Luthor has installed a huge banner reading "intellect is humanity's greatest strength". Given the angry protests against the "alien" Superman, this reference to "humanity" suggests Lex Luthor want to stoke the anti-Superman feeling.

Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman, in her alter-ego as Diana Prince, is also rumored to be at this event. You can see Jesse Eisenberg here, on set after shooting this scene:

Jesse Eisenberg, what are Lex Luthor's plans?
Jesse Eisenberg, what are Lex Luthor's plans?

The questing that arises from this, then, is: how much is Bruce Wayne taken in by lex Luthor's anti-superman rhetoric? Does Batman end up falling for Lex Luthor's manipulations, and this leads him into conflict with the Man of Steel?

It has also been rumored that Lex Luthor, having taken over S.T.A.R. Labs, is manufacturing Kryptonite, and that that is where Batman gets access to it. But does he break in and steal it, or does Lex Luthor give it to him willingly, knowing that it will help the battle against Superman?

What do you think these spoilers? What is the relationship is between the rival billionaires, Bruce Wayne and Lex Luthor? Will this movie be what turns the tide in terms of DC catching up with Marvel?

Write in with all your [Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870) thoughts below the line!


Are Bruce Wayne and Lex Luthor working together against Superman?


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