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Spoilers, obviously.

If you're a huge fan of The Walking Dead but have never read the comics then help is at hand.

Below is a beginners guide to some of the biggest differences between AMC's zompocalypse drama and the comic that any fan of the show needs to know about.

Let's begin, shall we?

1 - Rick's a handy man

Let's start off with the big one: Rick's right hand.

One of the most shocking and brutal storylines in the comics comes when Rick has a serious altercation with the Governor. The Governor in the comics is a lot more uncompromising and violent than the small screen version, and this is shown to devastating effect when he casually detaches Rick's hand from the rest of his body.

Like this:

It's a very different story on the show, however. Although Rick takes a massive beating from the one-eyed maniac he still manages to keep hold of all his limbs. In fact, he put his right hand to good use recently when he sliced and diced Gareth into lots of tiny pieces:

Will we ever see Rick lose a hand on the show? Almost certainly not. Show producers have admitted that it would take too much time and money to render Rick armless, so expect Mr. Grimes to be doing jazz hands for some time to come.

2 - Tainted meat

While lots of the "tainted meat" storyline was lifted from the comics, there was one big difference between page and screen: the victim.

As we saw in the show, Bob was the unfortunate soul who lost a leg, but in the comics it was that voice of reason, Dale.

Either way, they both died the same:

Considering Bob was a minor character in Season 4, it was great writing by showrunner Scott Gimple and co. to flesh out his character enough that by the time he became tainted meat, I was genuinely shocked and saddened by it all.

3 - Everything about Andrea

Oh Andrea, how the internet hated you so. Despite doggedly sticking around for three Seasons, Andrea never really found a way into our affections. Sometimes annoyingly naive, often willfully stupid, Andrea's death - when she struggled for so long to pick up some pliers with her feet before being bitten by Milton - summed up her character perfectly: lame.

Like, super lame
Like, super lame

But it didn't have to be that way.

The Andrea of the comic book is a battle-scarred badass - and also still alive. She's one of Rick's most trusted lieutenants as well as his live-in lover.

And she's got some crazy-mad sniper skills:

It's a shame we never got to see this version of Andrea in the show.

4 - Pretty much everything about Tyreese

On the show Tyreese is going through something of an existential crises at the moment, trying to figure out for himself what sort of man he wants to be in this post-apocalyptic world.

This was less of an issues in the comics where Tyreese was a one-man, walker killing machine.

He was also something of a ladies man, getting romantic first with Carol:

Before doing the dirty on her with Michonne:


And then finally losing his head to the Governor:

Will we be seeing Tyreese get down and dirty with anyone on the show anytime soon? Or will he be losing his head?

5 - Street fighting Carol

It's incredible how different the ass-kicking, no-nonsense Carol we see in the show is to her comic book counterpart. The Carol on the show is such a badass she almost single-handedly destroyed Terminus as well as showing she can do whatever it takes to survive - even if that includes putting a bullet in the back of a kid's head.

Comic book Carol is way different though. She never managed to shed her 'meek housewife' image and was wracked by self doubt throughout. In fact, it is this crippling lack of self confidence that finally killed her.

Learning about Tyreese's infidelity - and yearning for any kind of love and attention - Carol took her own life by allowing a walker to bite her neck:

I somehow doubt that TV show Carol will be doing this anytime soon.


Which comic book storyline would you like to see in the show?


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