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Bill Murray saves a film that could have been just another full of clichés usual comedy. As a great actor he is able to carry himself the whole story of the film and all his scenes are absolutely delicious!

St. Vincent is a funny comedy that tells the story of Vincent (Bill Murray), a former soldier of the Vietnam War, now retired, grumpy, alcoholic and compulsive gambler. Maggie (Melissa McCarthy), a single mother has just moved into the house next door with her son Oliver (Jaeden Lieberher) and Vincent eventually becomes his babysitter. And so begins an unlikely friendship born between Vincent and Oliver. Due to his unbearable temper, Vincent is detested by all and gradually Oliver discovers what all did not want to see. Vincent in fact is a good man, just rebel with life itself but with a big heart. In the middle of all this will also have a funny russian pregnant prostitute (Naomi Watts).

Before a film with a story full of situations that we have seen in a lot of films of the genre, Bill Murray is undoubtedly the star that gives life and his charisma makes this comedy into something worth seeing, not being just another one. His character is quite well built and it is impossible not to be well amused to see that super grumpy man on the screen. Melissa McCarthy who is used to having prominent comic roles in here she can provide laughs, but always being much more subtle than she has been in her previous comedies. Chris O'Dowd is very funny but with a small performance that stands out in the middle of everything, as Naomi Watts in a very different role from what she usually does. The young actor Jaeden Lieberher and Bill Murray make a very good team and the chemistry between the two is notorious.

St. Vicent is full of charm that will warm the heart with some emotional touches throughout the film and everyone will surely enjoy, providing many moments of good humor.

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