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Welcome to the first fight of the season! Now we have two amazing competitors tonight they are, Nightwing and the Flash(Barry Allen)! Before we start I want to explain how this will go down, now I will give you the information that I have gathered for you and create a small fight scene but with no ending. It will be up to you guys to decide who wins and who loses. Now a word from our sponsors, hold on I'm getting told that we have no sponsors, well this is awkward.

First up we have the former boy wonder, Nightwing.

  • Real ID: Richard (Dick) Grayson
  • Strengths: Agility, Strength, Acrobatics, Martial Arts, and His Detective Skills
  • Weapons: Escrima sticks, shurikens, his wrist guards, and other small gadgets
  • Weakness: A need for approval from batman
  • Powers: None
  • Height: 5'10
  • Weight: 195 lbs.
  • Base of Operation: Bludhaven
  • Other: He was the first Robin

And now we have the fastest man alive The Flash!

  • Real ID: Barry Allen
  • Strengths: Speed, Strength, and Knowledge
  • Weapons: None, other than the amazing super speed
  • Weakness: He feels responsible for everything that happens
  • Powers: Super Speed
  • Height: 6'0
  • Weight: 195 lbs.
  • Base of Operation: Central City

And now for the main event the evening THE FIGHT!!!!! Now before the fight starts I just wanted to say if you want to see more please remember to hit the follow button for more. Alright now here is where it all goes down.

Gotham, big city but even bigger at night. Nightwing was contacted by the Justice League that the Flash had gone rogue. They told him to stop at all cost.

Nightwing stood on the tallest church that he could find. It's what Batman had taught him, he was taught to scope out the are before running in. Whoosh Dick heard as he saw a red streak run into the church.

"Time to jump in." Dick said as he climbed into a window that led him into the church.

He wondered what could make Barry go to the flip side and do something to harm people? He knew Barry along time and was really good friends with him. But that didn't matter now, all he knew was that he had to stop Barry before he did something stupid. He entered the chapel only to see that scarlet suit facing the opposite way from Dick.

"BARRY" Nightwing shouted as the Flash turned around.

"Dick, it's good to see that the Justice League still sends kids to do their dirty work." The Flash said as he ran forward to meet Nightwing.

"Barry what are you doing? This can't be you." Dick asked as he started to reach for one of his escrima sticks.

"Why should I tell you? You won't live long enough to warn the others" Barry through a punch, but Nightwing was already prepared and blocked it. Then Dick shoved his escrima stick to the Flash's abdomen and it pushed Barry back. The Flash used his super speed and used it to beat Nightwing to the ground. Nightwing kicked Barry back as he jumped back up.

"You can't stand a chance just give up." Barry yelled.

"Can't, then I won't get payed." Dick replied.

Flash grunted and started to run at Nightwing.

"Well here we go" As he started to run at Barry.

Like it? well I worked hard on this just for you guys. This the part where you come in, vote now and next time I will tell you who won. Thank you guys for taking time to read this and I hope to hear back from you!


Who Won?


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