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I was extremely fortunate to have Moviepilot send me to an early screening at Lionsgate to view the new horror film Jessabelle. Being a horror fan I've read articles, and even reviews on numerous horror blog sites, but nothing really warned, or prepared me for what I was about to experience. Yes, this film is PG-13, however the scare and terror factor alone made me totally forget the "cliche rating" and I was able to get lost in the film.

The film started with a shocking accident nearly killing the star Jessie (Sarah Snook), injuring her severely. It's when moving into her deceased mother's house by herself, when all the chaos begins. The introduction of the ghost at first is very slow, with no build up. However in the first scene the ghost attacks, it really goes for it. The ghost is extremely fast, aggressive and definitely out for the kill. It was so frightening because at this point in the film, as the audience you're not sure what it wants from Jessie.

As the film proceeds on, the ghost gets more intense, and more terrifying. The reasoning as well still remaining a mystery. The ghost goes from being seen, to not and only being heard and felt. It injures all the people around Jessie that she loves. The ghost puts Jessie through the most, and the reason behind it is something you would have never guessed.

The backstory to this tale is quite a twist, smacking you in the face out of no where. Incorporating Jessie's family history, Louisiana's history, and some voodoo definitely gave the film an eerie, dark tone. The film gave me chills throughout my whole body. The ending as well, was a spine chilling cliffhanger, with a possible lead to a sequel.

The director Kevin Greutert (Saw VI, Saw 3D Final Chapter), did an amazing job on the entirety of this film. The angles, and cuts of every scare were very effective. The sound design also really carried the dark creepy tone of the film. All in all the film served it's entertainment purpose as a horror film for sure. The acting of Sarah Snook was very believable. She made it feel as if we were in her disastrous position. Mark Webber as well did a great job embodying his character.

The cast, crew, and story alone makes this film experience quite unique. Think you can handle the terror? Check out Jessabelle in select theaters and VOD now!


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