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These three groups have defeated hundreds of enemies and save the world many times. But which of the three do you prefer?

The Avengers (1963), The Fantastic Four (1961) and The X-Men (1963) have been the most popular superhero teams in the Marvel universe since Stan Lee and Jack Kirby created them in the early 1960s. These three series of comic-books were created as a reaction against the Justice League of America in DC comics. For more than 50 years these series have enjoyed great success and their characters become among the most iconic of the history of comic-books, such as Iron Man, Thor, Mr Fantastic, The Thing, Wolverine, and Cyclops. The popularity of these teams of super heroes has been boosted in recent times thanks to big budget Hollywood the live-action movies.
Do you get excited with the famous battlecry "Avengers Assemble!"? Are you a fan of the quartet that acquired their superpowers due to exposure to cosmic rays? Or are you more of a mutant person? Which of the three teams do you prefer?

Why you find them cool and what moments or argumental arches your really loved.

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