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Halloween 2014 is officially upon us and here in Hollywood, we take our spooky celebrations pretty seriously. From Sept 22 to Oct 28, YouTube Spaces, filmmaker Guillermo del Toro (Pan's Labyrinth, Crimson Peak) and Legendary Entertainment ([Dracula Untold](movie:917159), [The Dark Knight Rises](movie:39011)), challenged YouTube creators to make some of the scariest original content that they could imagine.

The hosts worked together to make sure the creators had the resources, connections, and even the perfect sets. Everything was inspired by del Toro and his new film [Crimson Peak](movie:774042). Together, they were able to make some really cool videos from across the globe.

In LA, London, Tokyo, and New York, writers, directors, editors and the like worked to establish themselves as a new voice to be heard in the horror movie industry. Their hard work is available on their individual pages as well as on YouTube Spaces.

For example, here's one called Roscoe and Maggie that is equal parts funny and creepy. AND, more importantly, it stars a very familiar face.

After reading the submitted concepts Guillermo del Toro selected the scariest and met with the YouTube creators and got to sit down for creative consultations with del Toro! Here were del Toro's selections:

Dementia - Chewing Sand (aka Hazel Hayes), London

Elijah - DominicFear, New York

The Room - HiROKi, Tokyo

No Face Trailer - SciFi Japan TV, Tokyo

Versions of Elloise - BlackBoxTV, Los Angeles

The Passing - Lana McKissack, Los Angeles

Yeesh! That's some pretty freaky stuff. According to YouTube Space, in the finale, Legendary Entertainment will make a deal with one of the creators to fully realize the potential of their idea.

Stay tuned for Moviepilot's exclusive video tour of YouTube Space LA. We'll be showing off what some of the freakiest minds in Hollywood could come up with under the tutelage of the master, del Toro himself.


Which of these short films did you find the freakiest?


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