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I can't believe it's not Photoshop! But it's not. Really. It's makeup and acrylic paint applied to human skin, courtesy of amazing artist (both makeup and traditional) GimmeGammi! I was blown away by the first image of hers I saw (the wonderfully terrifying Venom below) and had to look at the entire gallery - and then show all of you. It seemed appropriate for Halloween to feature some spooky, scary makeup!

Venom has always scared me, and now it's giving me even more nightmares. And some other confusing feelings.

Here's some more creepy, well-done makeup projects, created and modeled by GimmeGammi!

And then there are some that aren't really creepy, per se, but more gorgeous, ethereal and otherworldly. Still dynamite Halloween fare, though!

THIS IS ACRYLIC PAINT. I can't believe it!
THIS IS ACRYLIC PAINT. I can't believe it!

And lastly, a very grumpy contribution. But I hope you're smiling after seeing this awesomeness! Have a great, fun, safe Halloween, everybody!


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