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The 1966 Batman television show was a huge critical and commercial success, even after its cancellation, but the show probably hadn't reached audiences in the country of Turkey, and the result was a film made in 1973 called Yarasa Adam-Betmen.

Yarasa Adam was made by the Kunt Film studio in 1973, the same year that the Turkish Captain America/Spider-Man-themed 3 Dev Adam was released. The film is centered around Batman and Robin as they try to stop a criminal who kills fashion models and their talent agents. The movie became an instant cult classic outside of Turkey, and its themes were more similar to that of the 1940s Batman movie serials, which had Lewis Wilson as Batman and Douglas Croft as Robin.

If your a bit young and are a Batman fan, I advise you to be careful; Yarasa Adam has mild nudity and sexual references in it.

Many famous serials, particularly with superhero themes like Flash Gordon, became popular in Turkey, but neither the Batman serials nor the 1966 Batman TV show had reached the Turkish market. Yarasa Adam was also made when Yeşilçam became famous; Yeşilçam was a street in Istanbul that was the home to many Turkish film companies, and soon it became one of the largest film industries outside the United States, next to India's Bollywood, Pakistan's Lollywood, and Nigeria's Nollywood.

Yarasa Adam had a trailer that can be a little bit annoying to some; the announcer constantly repeats the title of the movie too many times. Nevertheless, the film is really popular in Turkey,


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