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In today’s modern day society, life is pretty normal, everything is slowly developing and the world we know it as is still churning around endlessly, nothing much has changed. Today’s problems are the exact same, life goes on as usual and people go about their business.

There is one problem that has arisen however.

The dream state has thought to be untouchable, unimaginable and individually unique to every single person alive. To comprehend what a dream is, is something no one has ever been able to, let alone remember one. But what if there is a reason we don’t remember them?

“There is evil in this world far beyond our knowledge. We cannot see it, we cannot fight it, we cannot survive it. It will attempt to go where you would least expect it, your dreams.”

As a child you are vulnerable to everything in the world; just a small human being with an undeveloped mind, unable to fend for yourself. Nightmares are not uncommon and everyone goes through them, but you never remember them fully, you never can recall what really happens while your inside your own mind.

In 1985, a young child never left her dream state, lost in her mind forever. She didn’t make it through the night. 1991, a young male, aged 12 died in his sleep from an unknown cause.

Since then hundreds of children, kids, teenagers and adults have suffered from nightmares. With no known cause as to why nightmares exist, it has been impossible to determine why they never survive the night.

Well until…

Dreams are for the creative minds of believers
Dreams are for the creative minds of believers

The government compiled the best soldiers, investigators and scientists to discover why dreams exist, what they found would change the course of history.

“There is evil in this world far beyond our knowledge. We cannot see it, we cannot fight it, we cannot survive it. It will attempt to go where you would least expect it, your dreams.”

Hence a special task force has formed. A task force that enters other peoples dreams and keeps them alive.

Geared with memory wipes, guns and Episode Detectors, entering the minds of another can be a very dangerous thing.

The minds they enter will have challenges of untold horror, created from the very depths of evil, a tiny cell within the brain that can only be removed from inside the dream state called the Vraxil.

It acts like parasite, first attaching itself through your mother’s connection in the womb, feeding off her and entering your mind, spending the next 8 months growing.

It can’t be stopped because it enters the dream state as soon as you are given birth to. Where it originally came from, we don’t know, but how to kill it, we know do.

To enter a dream, a special time capsule has to be made. It can take 5 people only into the minds of anyone that is experiencing an “episode.” The capsule sends the users to sleep inside, making them float around the empty space, giving them a false sense of sleeping.

Once inside, everything and anything can kill you. Half of a dream is made up of the person controlling the dream, the other half by the Vraxil.

It knows when your inside, it knows your coming and it will do everything it can to make sure you don’t get anywhere near it.

Its all about imagination of good vs. evil
Its all about imagination of good vs. evil

In order to make sure no traces are left of being there, a memory wipe is used to burnout their presence in the mind of the person in control, giving them a ghost like stature that allows the task force to move with ease.

We get dreams from birth, but eventually we burn out of “imagination,” that universal fuel that keeps our inner child within us. Some people get nightmares straight away, some people don’t get them until later.

Depending on how old you are depends on the severity of the nightmare. If the Vraxil starts straight away, the strength is low, but give it time to develop over the years, feeding off of bad memories and emotions, it could turn into an unstoppable force that takes over your dream state, then the mind of the host and then ends the users life, and everything within her head; a Kamikaze parasite that has no motive other than to kill.

Dare To Dream is a horror based, physiological thriller that brings question the Dream State and why our imagination can sometimes go very dark.



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