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The 1978 film adaptation of the Superman comics, directed by Richard Donner and starring Christopher Reeve as the titular superhero, was a commercial and critical success, notably for its special effects, mostly the blue-screen effects for Superman's flight sequences. However, the political conditions of Turkey had kept popular Hollywood films out of the Turkish market. As a solution to this problem, prominent Turkish filmmaker Kunt Tulgar went to a screening of Superman in Paris, trying to see what he would make that would appeal to Turkish audiences. The result is Supermen Dönüyor, which translates to Superman Returns, not to be confused witht the official Superman movie from 2006.

There were many differences between Superman and Supermen Dönüyor, which I am going to list:

  • Superman was raised in Turkey, given the name Tayfun
  • Superman has gifts from different gods, making him also like Captain Marvel in the process
  • Kryptonite can turn any metal into gold if its is fired through a certain ray gun
  • The movie was more closely based off of the 1950s Superman TV serials, and the special effects in Supermen Dönüyor were also similar.

Supermen Dönüyor was made with a really low budget, like most Turkish mockbusters of popular Hollywood movies; this means that hi-tech special effects like blue-screening were impossible to produce when you have a little bit of money to make a film. The 1978 Superman movie used blue-screen effects for Superman's flight sequence. At a press conference, Kunt Tulgar describes how he accomplished Superman's flying effects for Supermen Dönüyor:

How the flight sequences work........
How the flight sequences work........

“My daughter had a Ken doll at the time, so I used that. My wife sewed a Superman costume for it. At the office, we made a frame and wrapped tracing paper around it. We hung the doll from the ceiling in front of the paper. Then we projected footage of Istanbul onto the paper on a loop.”

At the beginning of the movie, Krypton and outer space were shown as Christmas ornaments. The soundtrack from the movie steals the original John Williams Superman theme. Not only does it use that, but it also steals music from the James Bond movies, as well as that of famous electronic musician Giorgio Moroder. The film became an instant cult classic outside of Turkey, and it spawned an official limited-edition DVD release by Onar Films.


What are your thoughts on Supermen Dönüyor?


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