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If you are a fan of Arrow, you are probably aware that Stephen Amell is an incredible actor, and a fitness fanatic. If you've watched his panels at comic cons, you'll probably also know a little bit about his friendship with his fellow Arrow stars, his joy in being a new father, and his happiness in obliging fans with his rippling pectorals. All in all, he's a pretty amazing guy.

But if you are not on his facebook page, you may not know about one of the most incredible things that he is doing when he isn't filming the show; his work for F*** Cancer.

He has already sold over 21,000 t-shirts to support the campaign, and now, he has put the shirt back up for sale...but only for another day!

In a recent interview with Speakeasy, he talked about his work with the charity, and how proud he is to be raising money through his fans.

The folks at F–k Cancer approached me back in August and connected me with I had no idea what Represent represented. They are a really interesting, forward-thinking company that helps you design a T-shirt and then puts it up for sale to help out a charitable cause. Where I came in is, I’ve been having a lot of fun over the past ten months on Facebook interacting with fans. The first of this year I had 500,000 fans and now we are hurtling towards 3 million. Along the way, people have been really interested in charitable endeavors that I have been a part of. So, I canvassed them to see what would be the most palatable idea for a T-shirt and they wanted to see a shirt with my face with a post-it note on the forehead. We ended up selling just over 21,000 over a three-week campaign. Since that point, I’ve received so many notes from people saying “we missed our chance, can you put them back on sale?” I wanted to maintain the exclusivity, but it is for a tremendous cause so I said, “Let’s put it back up for 24 hours,”

You can see him in his own shirt in multiple pics and videos on his facebook page, and it's clear that he really cares about the charity. He also spoke about the message, and the point of the profanity in the name of the organization.

I think that it is 90% something that sells it and 10% something that holds it back. But cancer is such a horrible thing that it works. I have received notes from people who are more conservative by nature or, because we ship worldwide, people who live in far more conservative parts of the world and they said, “We would love to suppose something like this that does not drop an F-bomb right on the cover.” I’m going to work with in the future, we don’t know what we are going to do yet, but I can assure people there will not be an expletive on the T-shirt.

I'm sure that whatever project he takes on next will be equally amazing, and with the growth in his fanbase, will do as well, if not better, than the F*** Cancer campaign.

You can buy a shirt for yourself here, and if you send in a photo of yourself wearing it to his facebook page, you may even see it added to his gallery of fan pics!


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