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Carl Vanderzant

It’s dark, cold and eary. There is no one around and you’ve awoken in the middle of a forest. A flashlight illuminates the path ahead but which direction do you take? There is no noise, just silence except for your heavy breathing, yet you have heightened senses.

Why you’re here, we don’t know. How did you get here, we don’t know.

It’s now time to make a choice, start walking and hope for the best or wait for help to come. Either way you feel creeped out and chilled to the bone. Something is watching you, something in the shadows just out of reach from the light. You can sense it; feel its presence, yet you do not run.

The only option is to start moving forward, so you pick a direction and go with it. Moving through the dense thick woods, you emerge to a small clearing with a giant oak tree towering in the middle. On it nailed to the tree, is a white sheet of paper. You walk over and pick it up.

“He’s watching!”

It makes you nervous and your awareness increases as every noise, every slight thing that you can feel, starts to startle you.

Your pace quickens. Your direction unknown, a blind walk amongst the darkness. The forest has densed up again, shielding her from the night’s evil, bringing her closer to death minute by minute.

Suddenly the trees part and there, in the middle of nowhere lies a building, lit up by faint led backlights. You inch closer; making sure it is safe to go inside.

Walking in you see it’s a bathroom tapestry, but with nothing but a few chairs in some of the rooms. Well…. Until you come to a room with another piece of paper in it.

“He will kill you!”

By this moment you freak out, slight noises have gained in loudness and you begin to get even more cautious. You have figured out that these pages are connected, each with the same picture drawn on them: a man in a suit, with no face and long arms.

You exit the building, coming next to a small placement of oil containers. Another page lies on the side of one.

“Nothing can stop it!”

The noises get slightly louder, waiting to pounce on you when the chance is given. You start to freak out a little and you turn around suddenly.

There he stands, a moment, a glance at the monster following you around.

You go the other way, blindly running towards the forest on the other side of the clearing, hoping to god he won’t catch you.

Dodging the trees you come to a pipeline dug into the ground; a tunnel, but to where?

You decide it’s safer than staying in the open and you launch into the tunnel, making your way slowly down to the end.

Before you get there, another white sheet of paper sits on the edge near the end of the pipeline.

‘Run, run away!”

You bolt as fast as you can away from the note, terrified at the stupidity of it all, scared of the man following you and the sheer horror on not knowing anything.

As you run, the noises have increased slightly again, your count of sheets of paper has hit 4, but is that the end of it? You run through the forest and decide to sneak a peak behind you, wondering if he is following.

Nothing. You stay like that for a few seconds to make sure and you turn back around to continue running.

He is right in front of you and grabs you by the shoulders, staring into your soul.

The world goes dark and you lose consciousness, not realizing, you will never see the light of day again.


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