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Released on 24th of October on an auspacious occasion in India- DIWALI,this is the 9th consecutive hit given by "THE SRK".It has been a decade now that SRK is releasing his film always on DIWALI for two obvious reason :

1. He consider diwali his lucky occasion.

2. DIWALI is celebrated on bigger scale in India and thus given a national holiday. So, many spend their time by watching latest movie on theaters providing a good business to movie makers.

Thus a concious and clever decision from the superstar.

Coming tothe movie Happy New Year,which is also produced by the actor -SRK, along with his wife. The film, if you go by the concept or stroy, is a total dud and is full of nonsense. But the execution of characters by each actor is awestruck and it is where the film score. Though the main lead i.e. SRK is the captain of the team and the story is based on his revenge, the other actors - Deepika Padukone, Sonu Sood,Boman Irani,Abhishek Bachchan and the youngest of the lot, Vivan Shah- portrait their character the best way possible.

The story goes like this- A wrestler Charlie (SRK) burning in the desire to take revenge from Charan Grover(Jackie Shroff) who has the best security system but this system is not his own, he has stolen this from charlie's father by framing him and sending him to jail in fraud case of stealing diamonds from the safe. And charlie planing to do the same to him makes a plan and involve with him 6 losers who would help him to achieve his plans.

This is a comedy movie and every actor have performed phenomally but 1 actor who have over powered others, even SRK,in acting is Abhishek Bachchan (who married miss world Ashwariya Rai).

Abhishek and Ashwariya Bachchan
Abhishek and Ashwariya Bachchan

This movie without him would be at a total loss. I enjoyed myself watching this movie just because of Abhishek. H e is totally awesome. Watch this movie just for him.


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