ByRalph Elisabetta Magno, writer at

Ok was reading an article on Yahoo about the supergirl tv show.Someone didn't do their research . Kara was not rocketed from Krypton, but from Argo city.Argo city survived the explosion because Zor-El had a protective dome around the city. Someone called Kara, Kara Zor-El but her name should be more like Kara-El.

Jor-El and Zor-El were brothers and Zor-el and his wife lived in Argo city and when krypton exploded Argo city floated in space for many years.Zor-El and his wife had Kara and at age 12 a meteor storm doomed the city and Zor-El rocketed his daughter to earth where she could be with her now adult cousin Kal-El who now works for the daily planet aka. Superman.


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