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If you ever wanted to know which animal loves All Hallow's Eve the most, look no further that the humble squirrel.

Sure, it doesn't have the bone-chilling credentials of, say, the werewolf or the vampire squid of hell (yep, that's a real animal), but it's enthusiasm for Jack-o'-lanterns is unmatched in the animal kingdom!

British photographer, Max Ellis, hung carved pumpkins in his yard to attract trick-or-treaters to his home, but they brought in some much more unexpected visitors who didn't hesitate to get stuck in it all!

Although the squirrels were initially wary of the frightening faces, they soon recognized the opportunity to put on some impromptu masks and get into the spirit of things.

Ellis explained that the spooky situation came about because:

My kids love Halloween and beg to start decorating the house and carving pumpkins from about October 1. Obviously cut pumpkins only last a couple of days so I carved a small one to keep them quiet. I thought we could have a bit of fun with it making it hover spookily in the back garden.
The squirrels are very inquisitive and love to investigate everything I put out there. A floating pumpkin proved more exciting than you could possibly imagine!

Unfortunately, the squirrels didn't have the foresight to wear costumes to the pumpkin party, but an anonymous source suggests they may, in fact, be rats in their Halloween finest.


Which animal loves Halloween the most?

(Source: The Daily Mail)


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