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Halloween is dawning, so what better time is there to go on an impromptu road trip to sniff out the most terrifying locations that horror has to offer?

Whether you're looking for supernatural goings on or isolated rural terror, there are a wealth of places in America that horror fans can explore to satisfy their killer instincts.

But, which one would you choose?

Villisca Ax Murder House - Iowa, USA

Season One of [American Horror Story](series:206668) was all about the Murder House, and you can actually spend the night in the real thing if you are willing to travel to Iowa.

The quaint little farm house is a chilling reminder of the grisly 1912 murders that saw the Moore family and two guests brutally bludgeoned to death in their beds.

The walls of this house still harbor the secret of the killers identity because the murders remain unsolved to this day

Where is it? 508 e 2nd st, Villisca, Iowa

How much? Overnight stays including a tour of the house cost $428 for 1 to 6 people and $74.90 each additional person.


Old Burial Hill Cemetery - Marblehead, USA

Hocus Pocus fans will recognize Old Burial Hill Cemetery as the final resting spot for Billy “the butcher” Butcherson.

Although some of the nighttime scenes were filmed on a set in California, this historic burial hill was used for all of the daytime shots and has the bonus feature of being one of the oldest cemeteries in America.

Along with its Hocus Pocus associations, Old Burial Hill Cemetery is also the final resting place of Wilmont Redd, one of the actual victims of the Salem witch trials.

Where is it? Orne Street, Marblehead, Massachusetts

How much? Free!


Seneca Creek State Park - Maryland, USA

Although the Blair Witch Project is supposed to be set in the minuscule—and very real—town of Burkittsville, Maryland, most of the movie was actually shot in the expansive forest in Gaithersburg.

The Seneca Creek State Park is where our protagonists got lost in the forest, never to be seen again.

If you decide to visit this spooky, beautiful spot, make sure you wear high vis clothing. This forest is popular with hunters, and you don't want to suffer the same fate of going home in a body bag.

Where is it? Seneca Creek State Park, 11950 Clopper Road, Gaithersburg, Maryland

How much? A day visit pass on weekends and holidays between April and October is $3 per person or $5 per person for out-of-state residents. There is no charge November-March.


The Timberline Lodge, Mount Hood, Oregon

If you love horror movies, but don't want to risk coming face-to-face with an actual spook then the Timberline Lodge is the location for you!

This hotel is instantly recognizable from the external shots in The Shining, but the owners insist the building isn't haunted in any way... Then again, they would!

Where is it? 27500 W Leg Rd, Timberline Lodge, Oregon

How much? Prices vary seasonally, make your booking here


The Amityville Horror House, New York, USA

Although parts of The Amityville Horror was filmed in New Jersey, you can still see the original house that the movie was based on at 112 Ocean Avenue.

This suburban home was the site of a grusome crime in 1975 when Ronald DeFeo, Jr. shot and killed six members of his family at the house.

13 months later, George and Kathy Lutz and their three children moved in but left just 28 days later after claiming they were driven out by terrifying paranormal activity.

It is often listed as one of the most haunted locations in America.

Where is it? 112 Ocean Ave Staten Island, New York

How much? The house is still a private residence so fans can't go inside, but if your feeling particularly flush, you can buy the place and live there yourself for $1.9 million!



Would you visit a horror movie location for Halloween?

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