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Spongebob is probably the greatest fictionalization of a sea entity ever (sorry, Moby Dick), but the latest installment in the franchise, Spongebob: Sponge Out Of Water, might cause waves for all the wrong reasons.

The film is the first 3D, live action adventure to be designed around the pineapple-dweller, as it follows Spongebob and the gang as they journey to the surface to recover the stolen recipe for crabbie patties.

Inconveniently, it turns out that the recipe has been stolen by Antonio Banderas. Cue many pirate puns and a desperate chase to recover the secret of underwater civilization.

This week, Nickelodeon debuted a new international trailer and poster which gives us a much clearer idea of the tone. First impressions? Funny, clever, and well plotted.

BUT...and this may not be a deal-breaker - there are some aesthetic choices that just seem a little weird.

Let's start by looking at the poster:

Question 1: Why does Spongebob have a six pack? Spongebob is a sponge. He doesn't even have human muscles.

Question 2: Why is the squirrel photorealistic but none of the other characters are? I...what?

Question 3: I get that it's a bubble thingy. But also, Spongebob is totes rocking the Teletubby look.

Now, let's turn to the trailer...

As a point of comparison, here's the moment Spongebob uncovers the theft of the recipe in conventional 2D style:

Now look at Spongebob in 3D.

Oh. This is weird. In fact, all of the characters just look strange in their "real world" looks:

Again, the weird human chest on Spongebob...and Squidward in some kind of musical latex thing. Hmm.

Whilst I can see that turning Spongebob into a feature requires a pretty meaty storyline, these characters already have an iconic look. Why mess with perfection? Especially when the alternative is only detracting from what makes Spongebob great: its simplicity.

That said, the movie itself looks entertaining, and will definitely be worth watching. As for the rest? Check out the trailer below and decide for yourself.

Sponge Out Of Water will be released February 6th, 2015.

(Source: Geek Tyrant)


What do you think of the "Spongebob 2.0" look?


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