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Warning: Spoilers from the comics and the latest episodes, proceed with caution.

With the ruthless Hunters taken care of in last week's episode of [The Walking Dead](series:201193), Rick's group should be feeling a little more secure about themselves. But if there's one thing that's certain in The Walking Dead, it's that the calm won't last long.

In the comic, the biggest and baddest threat to Rick and the group is Negan and the Saviors and with Showrunner Scott Gimple promising that Gareth is far from the biggest threat of the season, we've gotta start wondering: will we see this bunch of thugs soon?

Or, in fact, have we actually seen them already?

Allow me to explain.

The Saviors

In The Walking Dead comic series, The Saviors are a militia-like group of survivors led by their brutal leader, Negan. They have a base at a heavily fortified factory and several outposts, including one near the Alexandria Safe-Zone.

Where we might have met them before

Way back in Episode 8, Season 2, Rick, Hershel and Glenn end up in Hatlin's Bar, where they meet two strangers named Dave and Tony, who end up being killed by Rick.

Shortly afterwards, other members of their group come looking for the two and Rick, Glenn and Hershel are involved in a shootout. Luckily the noise drew a herd of walkers and all shooters retreated, except one who was impaled on a fence.

Like this
Like this

Rick, Hershel and Glenn rescued the injured man, called Randall, and took him back to the Greene farm. After interogation, Randall confessed that he was traveling with a heavily armed group of 30, and spoke about the groups brutal raids and gang rapes, though he insisted he was not like them, speaking about how he used to go to school with Maggie.

After much delay, Shane ends up brutally murdering Randall against the wishes of the group.

Could Randall's group be The Saviors?

We're now three seasons on and know that we can expect a new 'big bad' soon. Speculation that Negan might soon join the show is rife.

If Negan and the Saviors were to join the cast in Season 5, there's a chance they could be the same group that we met in Season 2. It does seem unusual that after they retreated from the bar shootout, we never heard from them again, and seeing that Randall went to school with Maggie Greene, it would be likely that the rest of the group stayed close to King County.

If Negan and the Saviors are set to appear in Season 5, wouldn't it be mind-blowing if the events of Season 2 came back to bite Rick, and acted as a catalyst to spark the war with Negan and his Saviors?

Like I said, it's just a theory, but it would be a great callback to earlier in [The Walking Dead](series:201193) if turned out to be true.


Do you think we met the Saviors in season 2?

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