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Disney has come on in leaps and bounds when it comes to representation women as three dimensional and feisty characters such as Anna from Frozen, but their depictions of female bodies still promote an unrealistic and unattainable idea of beauty.

Of course, the blame isn't squarely at Disney's door, but it is a widely accepted theory that the experiences we have in childhood shape us for our entire lives, and at this moment in time, a shocking 42% of girls between the first and third grade age would like to be thinner.

Maybe if the animated heroines they look up to did not enforce such unrealistic, unfeasible, and impractical expectations, there might a brighter outlook in terms of body image.

Take a look at the altered images of Disney princesses with healthy proportions below and see what you think.


Living under the sea, one can only assume that Ariel lived on a pure sushi diet (sorry, flounder), but nothing would wittle her waist down to be the size of her neck.



The only way Belle could achieve this look is by being corseted so tight she would be in danger of barfing up her spleen during her romantic waltz with Beast. Talk about a buzz kill.


Princess Jasmine

With the addition of some extra inches around the middle, Jasmine has gone from looking like a concubine to a hip hop dancer with serious attitude! Okay, okay that might have a lot to do with the trousers, but it's a vast improvement.



Pocahontas might have been painted with all the colors of the wind, but I think the animators needed a bit more paint on their palettes.



When the fluted sleeves of your blouse are bigger than your waist, you either need to get a less ridiculous shirt, or a less ridiculous waist. In this case, waist was clearly the right choice.



Elsa's personality might have been a colossal leap away from a demure, defenseless Disney princesses, but with eyes as wide as her wrists and a waistline that suggests a surgical rib removal, her body type is still archaic.


Kim Kardashian, Princess Jasmine, and the World's Smallest Waist

Love her or hate her, Kim Kardashian's fame is all down to her exaggerated hourglass figure, but Princess Jasmine's miniscule waist is more reminiscent of the unnatural corseted form of Cathie Jung, the woman with the world's smallest waist.

These proportions look grotesques on a real person, but they are perfectly normalized to us and our children through cartoons. That's something we should probably think about.


Do you think that animators have a responsibility when it comes to body image?

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