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Just over a week and a half ago, graphic artist Dylan Todd and Comic Alliance came together to create an epic supermovie infographic that detailed the timeline of release dates of all the supermovies slotted in for production over the next 6 years!


Drool worthy
Drool worthy

You're damn right! But after Tuesday's insane Marvel Event reveal, where I swear I felt the earth shake a bit, the above infographic has been made redundant! So tear it down from your walls, supermovie fan and do not despair BUT BEHOLD...

The New Infographic!


Look at it, in all of its shiny glory! Next year is looking a little bit flat with a mere three supermovies being released, but what a line up nonetheless!

Avengers: Age of Ultron is set to take our lives/the internet by storm, Ant-Man (sadly sans my personal hero Edgar Wright at the helm) will more than likely crawl its way into our hearts (not literally, obviously...hopefully. That'd be horrible.) and the Fantastic Four reboot is looking like a very interesting proposition.

Who will be victorious in 2016 when Marvel and DC Comics finally go head to head on the silver screen? Which side will be crowned "Most Destructive Superheroes" when Batman and Superman duke it out and the MCU is torn down the middle by Civil War?

And in 2017 when Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 leaps onto the screen to scuffle with Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman in the Battle of the Box Office. DC are behind by a number of points in this bout, so here's hoping they pull off a clinical sucker punch that'll leave us reeling.

I, for one, absolutely cannot wait for Chadwick Boseman's Black Panther to be introduced to the MCU. Marvel's casting has been spectacular over the years and I'd expect no less from their cinematic realization of the Wakandan prince.

The journey into 2020 with Marvel and DC Comics at the driver's seat is going to be ridiculously thrilling, and I'm impatiently waiting to board the Superhero Express. Bring on the supermovies!

(Source: Comic Alliance)


Which side will you be on?


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