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Half-Life 3

The most recent development in the long silence surrounding this game comes from that insane ad campaign 'We Want 3'. For more information on this you can check out this article here! Aside from this, we naturally have been left in the dark with regards to any kind of official news from Valve surrounding the release of Half-Life 3...or Team Fortress 3...or Portal 3...

Naturally this has lead to great speculation surrounding release dates, features, but most interestingly; plot. Where would Half-Life 3 pick up from? Would it simply start following the end of Episode 2? For many, this is exactly what they want. We need closure.

The latest piece of Half-Life "news", comes in the form of a joining of the [Half-Life](movie:765408) game and film. The film is said to explore everything we've seen in the universe up this point and beyond. So keep this in mind and here are some great plot speculations from devoted fans!

Half-Life 3 Plot

Half-Life 2
Half-Life 2

The film would encompass all that we see in Half-Life 1 and 2, though minimised in order to accommodate one or two films, depending on the studio's willingness towards the series. There have been thoughts that there will be 2 films, which is quite possible considering the depth of this world and its many characters. In any case, this plot speculation continues following the ending of Half-Life 2. This is a summation of various fan work.

When we the players fell to the ground as the Advisors retreated from the scene, leaving Alyx cowering over her father’s lifeless body, our vision was quickly obscured by darkness just as the credits began to roll. The million dollar question, and the question that will dictate just how Episode Three will open, is whether Gordon fainted from the fall/shock of what had transpired or if he remained conscious and all that simply happened was that the game ‘ended’.

Half-Life 3
Half-Life 3

The game picks up directly after this incident. The future of the planet and its people are at stake. Within hours, the world could end. The Combine are in hot pursuit of the Borealis. They know where it is now. They know what it can do, and what if offers them; a way off Earth, a way to communicate with the Combine Overworld, and a way to destroy our planet forever. The characters know this, thus waste no time and we see a far darker side to Alyx, now fuelled with the desire for revenge.

The Advisors will then interrupt Gordon's attempt to reach the Borealis. Gordon and Alyx are forced to continue on foot.

Following the formula of Episodes One and Two, they think Episode Three will be split into two distinct halves (so it'll take twenty years to finish). Episode One had us in the Citadel for half of the game, and escaping City 17 in the other half. Episode Two has us in the Antlion Nests for half of the game, and in and around White Forest in the other half. They expect Episode Three will have us travelling to the Borealis in the first half, and have us on the Borealis in the second half.

The first half of the game culminates in their arrival at the base where Mossman was at, which we see in her short transmission. They completely believe that the base is a re-conceptualised version of Kraken base from the old beta versions of Half-Life 2. It would make sense considering that in the original versions of Half-Life 2, Kraken Base was located around the Borealis section, was located in an arctic setting, featured the original version of Mossman, and also came under attack by Combine forces. Not only that, but Valve seem adept at restoring old concepts recently.

Half-Life 3
Half-Life 3

They then maintain that Mossman is being held here, captive of the Combine. They expect the climax of the first half of the game will involve breaching the base, rescuing Mossman, and securing the area. We’d get a great deal of exposition with this scenario as well; answering quite a few questions about the Borealis, what’s been going on up there, and re-establishing contact with Kleiner and Magnusson at White Forest. We’d also get to see Mossman’s reactions to Eli’s death, a powerful scene no doubt. They have a strong feeling this is the part of the game where Barney will return, who they think may have been prepping an assault on the base just before Gordon and Alyx arrive.

Following everything that occurs at Kraken base, they expect Alyx would stay with Mossman at the base. At this point in time, Alyx will be around until the climax of the episode. They expect the second half of the game will have us venturing forth, perhaps aided at certain times by Barney (DOG also joins), who they expect may have the spotlight in regards to AI Companionship in Episode Three.

After you storm the Borealis and take it by force, you hold out against a massive Combine and Advisor force and are eventually joined by the rest of your gang. Mossman then sacrifices herself to save the others who manage to escape.

The ending! After learning the massive destructive powers of the Borealis, it is destroyed as Earth needs to be cut off from the Combine, and that the G-Man more than likely wants it destroyed, as evidenced through his manipulative speech in Episode Two. Alyx will also want it destroyed because her father wanted it so.

Half-Life 3
Half-Life 3

Episode Three will end in us achieving victory against the Combine on Earth. They expect that after the ship is destroyed, there will no longer be any avenue for any remaining Combine forces to re-establish communication with the Overworld. This then leaves us with the question of what must happen next?

This is the point in time where the G-Man will reappear to us, fill us in on certain things, continue to leave many things open, and then take us away no doubt. Probably not to stasis. They expect he will take Alyx with us. The Vortigaunts will undoubtedly follow as well.

Finally, they think all of this basically moves towards the notion of the G-Man taking us off-world. Taking us into the heart of the Combine. Marc Laidlaw has stated that he cannot possibly see the current story involving the Combine ending anytime soon. But we can’t properly continue that story on Earth anymore. It’s cut off from the Combine.

Half-Life 3
Half-Life 3

There couldn’t have been another outcome; otherwise humanity would have been extinguished by the onslaught of the Combine forces off-world. In any case, Valve have been hinting since the very end of Half-Life 2 that this is the direction they’re ultimately taking. Through having us hear Breen talk, almost religiously, about what lies beyond our own universe, through having G-Man almost take us there personally at the end of Half-Life 2 (if the Vortigaunts had not intervened), and through all the talk about a Combine Overworld.

A common theme of Episode Three will be about Redemption. It will be about Gordon redeeming himself for pushing the crystal into the analysis beam which started everything. It will be about Gordon redeeming Eli for accepting the experiment and allowing it to go forward despite his inner feelings about it at the time. G-Man knows full well that Eli would do anything in his power to make things right, a huge basis from which his speech to us was founded on. The G-Man knew that, once his message was relayed to Eli, Eli would have a very specific reaction; and that reaction is to have the ship destroyed; which is exactly what the G-Man wants!

In typical fashion they presume that we defeat G-Man and save our race. But is that Valve's way? I'd be more inclined to think they'd make another game with a 'cut-to-black' ending. But we shall see.


What do you think of this Half-Life plot?


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