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I enjoy all aspects of film, specially cinematograph, camera movement, death in storytelling and posters/covers.
Chaianne Ramage

Imitation is the greatest form of flattering, it’s also one of the oldest form of judgment and storytelling. Poetry to our thoughts, movies have become the definition of the words by Oscar Wilde; Art imitates life and life imitates art.

Leaving us to wounder when we think about the difference between fiction and non-fiction; if you take out the fantasy of sic-fi, fairytales and day dream fantasies in movies. The line that sits in-between fiction and non-fiction, dose indeed become very fine, sometimes so fine that sides switch places.

Storytelling has always told us of the past, but it has never been more dominate when the story is predicting wishful thinking of a better future. However, over the past 10-15 years, our desire of our future has created questions about the end; through horror, dramas, sic-if and even comedy.

Does humanity have a subconscious prediction; are we longing to start again, to start over. Or are we coming close to a cross road where we will have to choose to end or evolve.

This is no individual thought, the question about our existent has become as old as time itself; but when a handful of these types of movie are being made each year. It gets you thinking.

Are we leading ourselves to our own Hunger games, our own Elysium world or wasteland of war and bloodshed. Will we become a raise forced into factions or ever off our own planet.

Will we die by our own hand or by nature?

Art imitates life , it holds our history, our mistakes. Why can’t it worn us, why can’t it write the words on the wall.

Please comment, ask or talk about the lesions you've learnt from these types of movies. :)


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