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Will Devine

So this is something I've always thought about and in this article I will put my view across but in all honesty. I'm looking for a discussion from the Moviepilot community,

With Marvel and DC preparing to go toe to toe over the next decade and possibly beyond in the Super Hero battlefield. I wanted to find out what truly defines a Superhero, and what the difference between a Hero and Superhero is

Firstly does a Superhero need to have Super powers to claim the title? If so does that mean Batman, Ironman, The Punisher and Black Widow are excluded due to the fact that they use gadgets and tech to make them do heroic deeds. While the likes of Superman, Captain America, The Flash or Thor have Super human which help them achieve the same heroic encounters.

If not then Super powers is it the heroic things they do, and do the likes of Batman have a greater say to be a Super Hero because he has the ability to achieve the same things as his Super power brethren without the aid of Super serum or Gamma Radiation or Mutation?

It’s always made me think that would Tony Stark still be able to be a Super Hero without his suit, yes he’s amazingly smart and can create outstanding things but without the suit he is just another wealthy playboy. Or is Bruce Banner the Super Hero or is it the Hulk?

Could it be the villains they face that define them as a Super Hero are the greatest, the ones that have the greatest foe’s. Batman has the Joker; Flash the Reserve Flash or Captain Cold, Captain America has the Red Skull and Superman has Lex Lurther and Zod. Do taking down these menaces prove that they are what is need to be a Super Hero.

Last are the sacrifices the make to keep the world and the ones the love safe, throwing themselves into danger to protect the weak. To suffer great hardships so that others do not. To carry great burdens without breaking to stay clear of friend and family to save them from danger.

In my opinion the great Super Hero’s come from a combination of all of these things but are not made from a single one, I believe they are created through hardship and great struggle and forged into what we love to see in comics and on the big screen. I would love to hear what you all think on this topic and hope you are as excited as I I’m to watch the next generation of Super Hero’s take to the screen.


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