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I truly feel this is the best time to be a nerd! Not because Comics have become such a part of Pop-Culture, that’s not actually what being a nerd is about. As I have learned to articulate, thanks to icons such as Wil Wheaton, being a Nerd is not WHAT you love, but how you LOVE it.

So as I said, It’s a great time to be nerd, because multiple universes (or...Multiverses...) of comics can be converted into a gigantic movie/tv platform that can spawn so much creativity, passion, and fan-fare!!

Much of the news this week in the nerd world has all been focused around the various Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). But I am here to not write about the various MCU updates, but how it impacts the DC Universe!


As a passionate fan of all things comics/sci-fi/fantasy, I hold no bias against either of the two great Comic book publishers. Each has their Spider-man 3/Superman Returns, and each has their Iron man Trilogy/Batman Begins Trilogy. At this point though, Marvel has gone full steam ahead and we are already knee deep in their epic Civil War/Infinity War Plan. While I am excited for all this means for the Marvel cinematic characters I've grown to love over the years, I am thrilled about what this means for DC. It has opened the door for DC to….. brace yourselves…..DO THE EXACT SAME THING!


I would really like to know why that is such a scary concept? There will always be haters, and those who must “pick a side”. But for those of us who love all things Comics related, and enjoy an epic super-power filled adventure (not to mention opportunities for racially and gender diverse leading roles - personally excited for Captain Marvel AND Wonder Woman), being able to see all the characters you've grown up with as kid is exciting!

With Arrow, The Flash, Gotham, and Constantine making up the heart of DC’s TV Universe, they have already unveiled that on top of the upcoming Batman vs. Superman moving there will be Wonder Woman, The Flash, Cyborg, among many other characters introduced into the Cinematic Universe. And with already announced plans for a Justice League Movie planned, one could assume they are only mimicking Marvel’s “Earth’s Mightiest Heroes” strategy.

This leads me to news that broken last week, where Geoff Johns spoke publicly on the DC Cinematic and Television Universes. His explanation was that they are separate universes, but do exist together as a Multiverse, which leaves the door open for a "multiverse" crossover. That thought could make any grown comic-book fan squee, and here's the thing...

DC has been planning the “Multiverse” the whole time!!

Evidently The Flash also doesn't age for 20 years..
Evidently The Flash also doesn't age for 20 years..

The "too-good-to-be-true" hint at this is the first episode easter-egg from Ep1 of The Flash. (seen above). As told in Crisis on Infinite Earths #7, the DC Universe was a single positive matter Universe until a scientist named Krona from the planet Oa, altered the very moment of the creation of the Universe, causing it to split into countless similar universes and an antimatter universe.

Which is exactly what happened in The Flash
Which is exactly what happened in The Flash

Also, Krona was the scientist who causes an explosion that splits the universe into multiple realities:

Ooops...Did I break something?
Ooops...Did I break something?

or if we wanted to really stretch it, we have the Monitor who originally appears as a villain, but in reality was working against the Anti-Monitor the whole time to ensure that during The Crisis, Superheroes could unite to save the universe:

This isn't personal...your just a dick.
This isn't personal...your just a dick.

The main take away is that under the initial guidance of the Monitor, a select group of heroes is assigned to protect remaining worlds from the Anti-Monitor and the antimatter that has already annihilated untold numbers of alternate Earths (sorry Smallville). Eventually, the conflict grows and nearly every DC hero becomes involved in the battle from multiple universes.

So there it is. The potential for DC to make the same smart moves as Marvel, but using lore and ideas that they have owned for decades. In that case, everyone wins! We are just going to have to be patient and DC get's through their "origin story" phase before they reveal the full hand.

In the mean time, it is extremely obvious that Dr. Harrison Wells in The Flash is going to play some pivotal role in the show, as he somehow has managed to obtain a newspaper from the future (shown above) that references the Crisis. So could he be Krona? The Monitor? Or something far more sinister?

Either way, I am very excited for the future of DC and Marvel!


Do you think The Crisis will unite DC Cinematic and Television Universes?


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