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Super Smash Bros. Wii-U & 3DS

So, Super Smash Bros. has been out over a month now for 3DS and the Wii U version isn't that far away with a release date of November 21st in the US. Therefore, players have been able to immerse themselves in this game for a little while and we have some professional players testimony here on the 3DS version. How many of you out there are playing Smash Bros.? What are you thinking of it?

So with all of this in mind, let's take a look at some of the best aspects that Super Smash Bros. 4 has for us, with keen insights into the best characters, their moves and the chaotic fun to be had!

Best Characters

Super Smash Bros 4
Super Smash Bros 4

Here are some quotes from some top players, Yoshi only gets one mention, but I love the little guy so much that I had to throw in a picture of him licking ass (lol)!

If you put a gun to my head, I'd have to guess that Yoshi, Rosalina, Zero-Suit Samus, Sheik, and Sonic look promising (In no particular order.)" says Thinkaman.
It's generally said among the top level players that Rosalina, Diddy Kong and Lucario are the top 3. says ZeRo.
Mr-R thinks, "In no order, I think right now the top 3 are Sheik, Rosalina, and Diddy."

Other characters commonly name dropped? For what it's worth: Ness, Greninja, and Bowser. But it seems that the general consensus looks like Rosalina, Diddy Kong and Sheik are the ones that may stand the test of time! Their over all power moves and nimble abilities have been praised and seem like good choices to stick with and master.

But what about the other end of the spectrum? Overall, players have said that no one actually sticks out as being a bad character, that they actually did a great job at balancing out the abilities in battle. Though this aside, it's not too hard to guess about one particular character who features in here is it?

Worst Characters

Y u du dis Luigi?
Y u du dis Luigi?

Yep, poor old Luigi has been mentioned once more. Granted, not many people gave their professional opinion in this area, but some of the other names that have been floating around are Kirby (I always kinda liked Kirby, no?), Ganon and Falcon Boy (annoying little chap :P). Even with tripping taken out, these guys just seem to be a lot harder to win with. Also, the ledge grabbing additions were praised!

Custom Moves

Smash Brothers 4 allows for the player to customise every single character's "special" moves. To clarify, these are moves activated by pressing "B", or a combination of pressing "B" and holding the analog stick up, down, or to the side. This is a controversial area in Super Smash Bros., one that consistently initiates discrepancies with Nintendo.

Super Smash Bros. 4
Super Smash Bros. 4

However, custom moves have been warmly received! Champions of the game have said they thoroughly enjoyed having this dynamic introduced into the game. It's challenging and fun and lends a new degree of individuality to every player's experience. There are 49 characters (plus the three Mii combinations). So excluding the Mii variants, that means there are 392 additional special attacks in Smash 4. Oh, and by the way, you have to collect each one of them individually.


Finally, it should be noted that while there is a popular perception that pro Smash players are insufferably unsatisfied with Nintendo's efforts, every single person interviewed seemed to offer genuine approval of the game thus far. In fact, Nakat really wants you all to know this:

I would like to give a large thank you to Masahiro Sakurai, Nintendo, and Namco-Bandai for the amazing work and opportunities you have given me due to Smash. This game has changed my life in so many ways...I can type this, but one day I would love to thank all of you face to face for everything you have done.

There you have it! Let me know how you are getting on with Super Smash Bros. in the comments!


Whose your favourite of the characters mentioned?


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