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To this day, I can still watch the first Matrix movie and go through various stages of having my mind blown by the special effects, action sequences, science fiction concepts, and plot of the film. Arguably, it still holds up as one of the most groundbreaking sci-fi and action films, and it was launched a full 15 years ago! While some say they butchered Matrix: Reloaded and Matrix: Revolutions, you have to admit that they were both insanely creative visually, at the very least. And I was entertained by both, personally.

But the first movie was undeniably the best, making a whopping $463,517,383 worldwide, thanks to an awesome cast, great writing, and brilliant directing from the Wachowskis. The Matrix just had a really COOL aura to the entire thing. So, what's the cast up to now?

Neo, Keanu Reeves

This was easily Keanu's most defining role, which is saying a lot since he's obviously had a long and successful career by Hollywood standards. Most recently, you can find him in [John Wick](movie:1116115) which is out in theaters now. He hasn't really aged all that much, to be honest. His surfer bro, chill dude voice has gotten him very far - even as an older actor. He was in the running to be [Doctor Strange](movie:559685) but Benedict Cumberbatch ended up edging him out for the role.

But once you have a meme about you, you're pretty much immortal. Remember Sad Keanu? It's official. He will always be a legend.

Morpheus, Laurence Fishburne

Morpheus, played by Laurence Fishburne, also helped make the trilogy what it was. His red-pill/blue-pill scene with Neo was probably the most iconic, even being mimicked by advertisers and the like. Fishburne is a high quality actor, having done live-action work as well as TV and movies. Right now, he's on the slightly controversial show Blackish, playing an elderly member of the family.

Trinity, Carrie-Anne Moss

I hate the word "bae", but Neo's bae was clearly Trinity played by Canadian actress Carrie-Anne Moss. They both took turns saving each other's lives and generally being ride-or-die down for each other both inside and outside of the Matrix. She's 47 years old now, and still doing pretty well for herself as a working actor. Most recently, she was in Snow Cake (2006), Disturbia (2007) and Unthinkable (2010). She's married to actor Steven Roy and the pair have three children.

Agent Smith, Hugo Weaving

What would the Matrix movies be without Agent Smith and his haunting, "Missssster Annnnderson". Hugo's voice was the creepiest thing in the film, and the fact that he eventually turns into a virus that can multiply itself. He was easily one of the peskiest villains in any movie, ever.

In the Spring of 2013, Weaving actually brought the Agent Smith character back to life for a series of General Electric ads entitled "Brilliant Machines". He's managed to stay pretty busy, acting in multiple Australian films as well. He looks a lot different with age and the beard, but he's still got those eyes that show he truly means business.

Spoon Boy, Rowan Witt

You may have forgotten about this boy. He's literally listed in the credits as "Spoon Boy", which, I think is pretty sweet. Remember, he was waiting outside of the Oracle's office bending spoons like a freakin' champ. But it was more than just a cool party trick... the reason for this scene was to help Neo understand that in the Matrix, there is more to the program than meets the eye. "There is no spoon". Wow. And who knows, without this lesson from Spoon Boy, maybe it would've been harder for Neo to master this new world.

Rowan Witt, aka Spoon Boy, has since grown his hair back and is now 26 years old. He's still acting but yeah... 26, can you believe it?!

Cypher, Joe Pantoliano

Joe Pantoliano was perfectly cast for this role as Cypher, the double-crossing member of the Nebuchadnezzar ship who believed "ignorance is bliss" and preferred living a life as a brainwashed member of society in the Matrix instead of engaging in the man vs. machines fight that the rest of the humans who knew about the Matrix were trying to win.

4 years after this movie came out, Joe Pantoliano won an Emmy for Best Supporting Actor on The Sopranos (2003). So, obviously he can act. He's also got more than 100 film, television and stage credits to his name. He's one of those actors who always makes his presence felt in a production, no matter how big or small the role. I personally loved him as the cranky police captain from Bad Boys.


So, while it's pretty wild seeing how much older these actors are, especially Spoon Boy, I think the coolest aspect to this movie was that it was so far ahead of its time. It still stands up as a solid sci-fi flick even by today's standards. Pretty cool to think a movie script that was probably written on a computer that used Windows 98 can still make people think the way The Matrix does.


Which cast member looks most similar to how they did in the first Matrix movie?


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