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Love is in the air! By love, of course, I mean that Halloween was this past weekend and we're all thinking about death. How romantic! But I digress: In this time of (celebratory) gloom and (awesome) gore, it's always fun to see how our fellow geeks took cosplay - which many of us only wear on Halloween - to a whole new level.

Bridesmaids modeled after Triton's daughters!
Bridesmaids modeled after Triton's daughters!

One of the biggest examples of this is an adorable wedding concept based on The Little Mermaid that cosplayers Traci Hines, Leo Camacho, and their friends did for Your Cloud Parade, a wedding company that loves bringing out the fandom for special wedding events.

Themed treats for the wedding
Themed treats for the wedding

Leo, as luck would have it, is a friend of mine and my character's twin for an ongoing Dragon Age game, so seeing this wedding shoot hit trending status on my social networks was pretty neat, to say the least. Check out more photos here.

Geek weddings aren't exactly a new concept - we now just have more open access to inspiration thanks to the wonders of the internet. Here are some of my favorites:

Doctor Who

Courtney and Cory's wedding was blue, white, and full of really cool bowties. Tiny touches and color schemes brought their gorgeous wedding together as a beautiful event with just the right amount of fandom.

Catie Bartlett captured the couples' special moments, and the yummy T.A.R.D.I.S. cake was handmade by Domesticakes.

Harry Potter

Meredith and Joshua celebrated their spring 2014 wedding by creating a wedding "within the world of Harry Potter" - and I think the balance they found between the real world and the wizard world is lovely!

Photographer Candice Benjamin captured the spell-binding wedding in a beautiful way - check out more photos here!


photo by Sam Balcomb
photo by Sam Balcomb

Celebrating your anniversary can mean anything from an exotic vacation to a candle-lit dinner. But for Kimi and Sam, who are both devoted gamers and creatives, that wasn't nearly enough - the couple celebrated by inviting their entire wedding party back for an incredible Skyrim-themed panorama shot. I wonder if someone took an arrow to the knee for this epic photo? Check out the full pic here.

The Hunger Games

In another styled shoot, Naturally Yours Events collaborated with photographer Anthony Barlich and brought Peeta and Katniss to life in a gorgeous photoshoot that makes you feel like the pair eloped and left the Capitol forever.

You can check out the shoot and full list of credits, including the gorgeous "Mockingjay" dress that "Katniss" wears in these photos, right here.

Now You're Proposing with Portals

Of course, my absolute favorite geeky wedding-related anything would have to be this incredible "bonus level" of Portal 2 that Gary Hudston asked a team of developers to collaborate on. Gary used this to propose to his game-savvy girlfriend, and even got the voice of GLaDOS, Ellen McCain, in on the fun. The levels were designed by Rachel van der Meer & Doug Hoogland; Doug also worked on the project's scripting, and Gary wrote the concept. Rachel's work shines through the animation, and the folks at Valve chipped in to record. Check it out:

Gary's girlfriend said yes, of course!


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