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Constantine is fresh off the pilot and is already internet buzz. His immersion into the supernatural world of DC comics makes this a great place to debut characters that comic fans have clamored after for a long time. Just as talks of Dr. Strange for Marvel starts discussions about Brother Voodoo, Daimon Hellstrom and the sort, this last weeks opener has got DC fans all over all a tingle with thoughts of some of the characters that I think would make great cameos or side characters for the new show.


Doctor Fate isn't a person as much as an office like Sorcerer Supreme. The mantle has been held by a handful of people; Kent Nelson, Eric and Linda Strauss, Inza Nelson, Jered Stephens, Hector Hall, Kent V. Nelson and Khalid Ben-Hassin. It would be great to get back to basics and start with the old school aka Kent Nelson. But, as all of those who caught the premeire know, the Helmet of Nabu (the center of Fate's power) was seen and actually picked up by the unknowing female. So, Constantine knows where it is.

That leads us to the next bit of news. As a part of the FUTURES END series, Constantine: Futures End #1 sports the cover below:

THAT would be awesome to see him do that in one episode. Then, maybe, have him hand it to a worthy spiritual guardian.


Zatanna Zatara is a former lover (or is a future lover in the show?) of John Constantine who happens to be a magician and occultic crime-fighter in long standing for DC. She has graced the pages of the Justice League as a member and shared many a story with the exorcist John Constantine. So, it would make absolute sense that she show up for a cameo; maybe a two-parter even.

If you've read any of the back-story, you know that John is somewhat responsible for her father's death. Oh, the DRAMA!


You can't talk demons and DC without THE Demon, Etrigan. Created and originally drawn by Jack 'The King' Kirby back in 1972, the Demon has gone through several changes right along with all of the DC reboots. In the New 52, he is still portrayed as the rhyming demon and is forced to share existence with a mortal. Right now, DC has retconned a group called the Demon Knights that existed back in the dark ages and consist of Etrigan, Vandal Savage, Xanadu, Shining Knight, the Horsewoman, Saracen inventor Al Jabr and the Amazon Exoristos. I've always loved this character due to the fact that, like Constantine, he's not always the most lovable of guys. In fact, he can be down right savage.

The DEMON vs the exorcist?

How long do you think it will take till the rhyming will

drive Constantine mad?

Fun to be had!

(See what I did there?)


Now, I know what you're saying; 'He's already cast'. Well, as of right now Corrigan is cast and that is a coup in itself. The question is will we see him don the green cloak and step onto the border of the natural and supernatural. I'm betting, before a few seasons are under their belts, we see just that!

Emmett Scanlan has been cast for the role of the Spectre but has also been known for roles in In the Flesh, The Fall and Hollyoaks and made a cameo on Guardians of the Galaxy as the 'lead riot guard'.

Side note: Strangely enough, in the New 52, Jim Corrigan was a police detective in Gotham where he was called to become the vengeful Spectre. He also met up with this guy which gets, at least, an honorable mention in this list.

That's right. The Phantom Stranger!


Deadman is a long standing DC fixture on the subject of the occult and supernatural. According to the official bio for the New 52:

“After living a selfish life as Boston Brand, he is forced to possess people as Deadman following his assassination, in order to set problems in their life right, so he can avoid an eternity in Hell.”

That's what John needs is someone also battling his inner demons and trying also to stay out of


This would be an absolute Birthday gift for every fan-boy out there! Raven has been a well loved character ever since her debut in New Teen Titans #1 back in the 80s. Her charisma with the fans along with her relationship with her demon father, Trigon, would make her a great guest star for a special mulit-part season finale. The fans would definitely show up to see her in action. And seeing Constantine go toe to toe with a powerful demon like Trigon would make matters volatile to say the least!

There are more, but these are some of MY wants.

My final question to you is what do most of these characters have in common?


That's right. Entry into DC's supernatural realm opens up talk about Justice League Dark. I know they're not on the docket for a big screen treatment although Oscar winner Guillermo Del Toro still wants to direct the Justice League Dark movie and has even said that Matthew Ryan could play Constantine in it. THAT would be mind-blowing, if you ask me.

Del Toro is known for his dark, creepy style in movies like Pan's Labyrinth and Hellboy.

So, maybe, if Constantine, the TV show takes off, it can spin-off into amazing things on bigger!

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