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Today's the scariest day of the year everyone, and with it comes the villains synonymous with the holiday itself.. Well actually, that would be Michael Myers, but in general each villain gains a certain amount of recognition during these 24 hours. Here are my favorites ( in no particular order) that I like to recognize on the scariest day of the year, Halloween.


Introduced in 1987, Pinhead has become an icon of horror. And what makes Pinhead different from every other slasher villain is his sinister charisma. repeatedly portrayed by Doug Bradly, he allows the character the ability to be able to talk his way into your psyche. And has pushed him beyond your average slasher villain, turning him into an icon of horror. Also, being among the most powerful horror movie villains helps a lot too.


The most famous of the serial killer dolls, Chucky is the sole reason for the common fear of these plastic beings. Even though he may not be very scary now, some people still refuse to go near anything that resembles the 2 foot slasher, even to this day..


One of the very FIRST of his kind, Leatherface is definitely one of the original boogeymen. Chainsaws are now not only just a cutting tool, but are also universally known for severing more than just wood, if you know what I mean.. With a yet another prequel coming Leatherfaces way, I guess we just can't get enough of him.

Jason Voorhees

As I and many others have said before, Jason is more than just a horror icon. And more on the level of a film icon period. Being one of the most recognizable characters ever isn't just what makes Jason special either. His mannerisms, motivations, and methods all take part in making Jason into a cinematic legend.

Freddy Krueger

Freddy, America's favorite cinematic child murderer, is a product of a real life case involving a teenager not being able to sleep for some unknown reason. And like the characters in the Elm Street films, this boy ended up dead after waking up screaming for reasons unknown. And the look of Freddy was inspired by someone Wes Craven encountered in real life as a kid. So there you have it, a little background information on one of the greatest Horror movie villains in history.

Michael Myers

Much like Jason and Freddy, Michael Myers has risen above being the typical slasher villain, and more of a cinematic favorite. Which has been proven by the extreme amount of success the Halloween franchise has experienced. Being he is synonymous with Halloween, it wasn't a question of whether I would put him somewhere on this article or not, but where I would put him. And like they say, ''Always save the best for last'' This is after all the night he comes home.


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