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So in one of my recent articles we concluded that Marvel are definitively ahead of DC when it comes to how their next few years of movies are shaping up. Hence, in light of that, we thought that it might be fun to think of three ways that DC/Warner could even those odds. Here they are, without further ado:

1) Team-Up films

See? Team-up movie. Oh... wait, versus, not team-up
See? Team-up movie. Oh... wait, versus, not team-up

One of the major criticisms of Marvel's phase 2 is the lack of crossover between characters in their respective solo movies. Sure, we saw Bruce Banner in the post-credits scene of 'Iron Man 3' but wouldn't you have liked to see some of that science bros. action throughout the film? I sure as hell know I would, so a fantastic way for DC to set their films apart is to have Superman and/or Batman featuring throughout all of the solo movies. Or, if you want to save them for their own films, Cyborg isn't getting his own film until 2020, and yet is going to be in [Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870) and probably Justice League. So why not make the Flash movie a team-up between the Scarlet Speedster and Cyborg? I personally like the idea of Ray Fisher playing Victor Stone (or whatever they end up calling him) so I don't want to have to wait until 2019 to see him as the tin man.

Also, where the hell is Wonder Woman's film on that roster? Why aren't we getting another solo movie for her? I get that DC will probably greenlight a sequel for her if her screen debut is successful, but it would be a nice show of faith in the character if they put a sequel on their movie slate. They could easily cancel it if the first outing doesn't go down too well. Either way, Gal Gadot being a less well known actress, they could probably quite easily sign her on to feature in, say... oh I don't know, that Aquaman movie? Think about it, not only would that boost the interest in a film based on such an unknown property, but they both stem from similar kind of mythological background, and a war between Atlantis and Themyscara would be something I would pay good money to see as long there's convincing reasoning behind it.

But that's just a couple of examples, the main point is that crossing their franchises over would set them apart from Marvel as well as making the films themselves doubly awesome if they're handled well

2) Transcend genres

Is that cool or what?
Is that cool or what?

Even if you don't have a problem with how bafflingly secluded the second batch of Marvel films were (with the exception of maybe Cap 2), it's hard to argue that they all seem to be utilizing a similar formula for their movies, to the point where Iron Man 3 verged on feeling a little stale due to how we'd seen most of what it did before (most, the Iron Legion was still pretty damn awesome). The action-comedy genre is very nearly reaching the stage where it won't feel all that fun anymore. The best thing about The Winter Soldier was how it changed things up with the tone, making it feel more like an espionage thriller than anything else. And while Marvel seem to be trying to change that from the look of Age of Ultron, it would still be a major triumph for DC if they could start with all of their films having a distinctly different feel to them.

For example, [Wonder Woman](movie:45787) could be a mythological-fantasy epic, Suicide Squad is already shaping up to be a 'Dirty Dozen' style experience, Shazam could be a straight up comedy, Cyborg could be a sci-fi film with a very future-tech feel and so on and so forth. It's a great way to give a very different experience with every film release, sating the appetites of all kinds of moviegoers and making sure that no franchise ever feels stale. It's a bit of a risk to go for a completely different approach to every film and then try and put them all together in Justice League outings but it's a risk that would absolutely come off if handled carefully.

3) Choosing their own mega-villain

Awesome? awesome
Awesome? awesome

Infinity War is probably going to rock. In fact, Infinity War is almost definitely going to rock. And DC is going to need it's own ace in the hole if it wants to match that. A popular idea is to have Darkseid as the big bad behind everything. Now I'd be perfectly happy to see that played out, I feel it's a little similar to Thanos (even though he's is a confirmed Darkseid knock-off) and I have an idea that I think is better: Blackest Night. For the uninitiated, Blackest Night tells the story of the 'War of Light' where multiple new Lantern cores are established, bringing the total cores up to: Green for willpower, Yellow for fear, Blue for hope, Violet for love, Red for anger, Indigo for compassion and Orange for avarice(greed). However, on top of that there was the black lantern core, led by Nekron, a previously obscure villain. He resurrects a bunch of dead Superheroes and gives them all black rings, unleashing them all into the universe to destroy all life and emotion. It's a pretty awesome story, as well as having one of the coolest and most eye-catching titles of all time.

So why would it be a great endgame for the DCCU? Well, for starters it's absolutely nothing like Infinity Gauntlet. But more than that, it's a plain awesome storyline with a surprisingly compelling central theme of emotion. They don't even need to stick all that closely to the details of the comic arc, as long as they keep the central plot elements and core (pun, as always, intended) ideas it can be quite easily edited in terms of specific characters being dead and which heroes are the main players. Although they would need at least the four Green Lanterns of Earth, but I imagine it would work with just two or three of them.

There's a lot more to Blackest Night than I've covered here, so look it up, or even better, pick up a copy, it's possibly one of my favourite universe spanning crisis in DC's history and is one that would be so incredible to see come to life on the silver screen.


But those are just a few ideas I have for what DC could do, Agree? Disagree? Either way feel free to say so down below. But until next time folks, enjoy your lives!


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