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There has been an awakening...have YOU felt it?
Aminia Junior Swaggie

Zack Snyder called into a radio station recently to defend Aquaman. Now he's called in again to talk about the production's departure from Detroit. Stoney and Bill co-host Sarah asked Snyder in jest what characters they might play in an upcoming DC movie.

Snyder at the 7 minute, 35 second mark:

As we add to the Justice League we bring in some of the more obscure, like Blue Beetle or something”

Keep in mind that last time he called in about Aquaman the casting of Jason Momoa went official a few days later. It's possible Snyder is dropping a new hit of something in development. As the DC cineverse expands to compete with Marvel's onslaught of films, the Blue Beetle would be a fan favorite addition.

This could be a lot of wishful thinking or it could possibly be a small hint of things to come.


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