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Andrew Marco

It's been a full week and we've read all of your wonderfully scary posts about SAW! Unfortunately, we only have ONE of these super awesome prize packages to giveaway. And the winner is... *drum roll*

Asa Machinehead Jones

Congrats on the package! You all can read his article right here:

SAW: Why The First Is The Best

Let me remind you of what you'll be getting:

  • 5 Brand New Series of Collectable SAW Posters (Final Poster + 4 Mini Posters)
  • SAW Sticker
  • SAW 2 T-Shirt
  • SAW 2 Key Chain
  • SAW 3 Postcard
  • SAW 3D Bracelet

Pretty awesome right?!

Remember to watch the 10th anniversary re-release of SAW! It'll only be here for one week starting October 31st


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