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Happy Hallowe'en guys!

This week's nothing but a countdown to the release of J.K. Rowling's new story update on Pottermore and last night all was revealed.

It's November 1 already in my side of the world (damn, timezones.. so I had to wake up early to tease the people who haven't read the new update yet. )

Before that...

The best things happened to the Harry Potter actors/franchise this week.

To name a few, and my most favorite news,

Daniel RADcliffe showcased his impressive rapping skills at Jimmy Fallon's.

I actually clapped after watching this. It's soo much better than when he's talking parseltongue.

And then, there's his 'Delightfully Feminist Response To The Label 'Unconventional Male Lead'

Wizard Chambers, from the Georgian House Hotel in London!

This wonderful news shared by Emma Watson's official facebook page...

Emma was named 'British Artist of the Year' by BAFTA/LA at The Britannia Awards last night!
Emma was named 'British Artist of the Year' by BAFTA/LA at The Britannia Awards last night!
couldn't love her more.
couldn't love her more.

Over the past week, Pottermore teases its fans with Pottermore Trick or Treat, and all will be revealed on October 31. And indeed, it's quite the reveal!!

plus, Bonus Chapters in Order of The Phoenix!
plus, Bonus Chapters in Order of The Phoenix!

The story of the most hated professor in Hogwarts (and presumably the entire series)

I won't put anything here that is too revealing, but it's more of an insight. So, you've been warned.

Let me just put that there.
Let me just put that there.

Plenty of details were revealed including those of her childhood, and you better, more than anything else, head to the Pottermore website to read it, as I will not spoil the excitement for you.

The evil, wicked, witch Dolores Jane Umbridge was born on August 26, and she's a bloody hypocrite. Her parents split at age 15, and even at 17, she's already judgmental, prejudiced and sadistic. She gradually rose through the ranks of Ministry of Magic (mostly by doing things only wicked, ambitious politicians would do.) I won't say anything other than that, anymore.

Of course, aside from collecting stupid little girlish accessories, her hobbies are torturing muggle-born wizards and muggles, and anyone who dare oppose her rigid world-view. She was never married because even some anti-muggle men dated her briefly, they couldn't bear with her wickedness and suggestions about the treatment of the Muggle community behind closed doors. She was sorted into Slytherin house (no shit.), and her instrument of torture, that Black Quill,it's her own invention. Her evil can be compared to Voldemort, and, bloody hell, now more than ever, we are going to hate her, and the Ministry of Loons for being careless. These type of people didn't deserve the wands.

I'm sharing this one about her name, and nothing more *winks*

credits to pottermore website.
credits to pottermore website.


New Moments from the Order of the Phoenix.
The new moments cover the entire book; however, unlike previous books, not every chapter has one or more moments. However, it does seem like there will be more added at some later time; in the moment “Patronuses in the Room of Requirement,” there is a hint at some kind of Patronus quiz that is “still forming.”
Notable moments from the new chapters include:
  • The Atrium
  • The Closed Ward
  • Dolores Jane Umbridge
  • Dumbledore’s Escape
  • Row Ninety-Seven

As always, these chapters contain new information from J.K. Rowling, including the new Umbridge piece. We also learned some new information on a variety of subjects:

  • Ministers for Magic:

The Minister for Magic is democratically elected, although there have been times in crisis in which the post has simply been offered to an individual without a public vote (Albus Dumbledore was made such an offer, and turned it down repeatedly). There is no fixed limit on a Minister’s term of office, but he or she is obliged to hold regular elections at a maximum interval of seven years.

  • Thestrals:

Being able to see thestrals is a sign that the beholder has witnessed death, and gained an emotional understanding of what death means. It is unsurprising that it took a long time for their significance to be propely understood, because the precise moment when such knowledge dawns varies greatly from person to person.

  • Syblill Trelawney:

When the consumate outsider and non-Hogwartian Dolores Umbridge attempted to oust Sybill from the school, Minerva McGonagall, who has been critical of Trelawney on many occasions, would show the true kindness of her character and rally to her defense.

  • Naming Seers:

A certain sector of magical society, however, follows the ancient wizarding practice of consulting a Naming Seer, who (usually for a hefty payment of gold) will predict the child’s future and suggest an appropriate moniker.

  • Azkaban:

Azkaban has existed since the fifteen century and was not primarily a prison at all. [...] The fortress upon it was originally home to a little-known sorcerer who called himself Ekrizdis.

Again, I'll remind everyone.. go read it in the Pottermore website, it is worth it. Tell me what you think of the story in the comments section below. :)


If you were in the same room with Bellatrix, Umbridge and a Dementor, (they won't do anything to harm you, really. )except stare at you uncomfortably.. Would you..

We all know that she's cruel, evil, bigot, prejudiced, but I was never affirmed that she's that until after I read J.K.'s new story.

By that, I meant, spawn of Satan.


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