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Matthew Chapman

I had heard of catfishing and what it meant but never really knew the story of how it all began.

This was a show I stumbled upon just flicking channels and decided to watch. After watching about three episodes on TV, I decided to watch the movie and then after watching the movie of Nev’s story, I marathoned all three seasons.


I’m just blown away by some of these stories. I’ve never been catfished and I can’t understand why anyone waste all this time and energy into being this different person?

So after Catfish: The Movie explored Nev’s story, he joins his brothers buddy Max, who was not in the film, to travel across America to help people in the same predicament as he was.

Nev and Max make a good team; they would have to with all the together time these two would have filming this and Nev seems to be the hopeless romantic of the pair while Max is the realist.

One thing that kind of annoyed me, they’re always try to find some deeper meaning to the catfish. After dealing with the person who emailed them, they head off to talk to the catfisher and get their side. Most times there is a story but sometimes they try to dig to get one when sometimes, people are just assholes!

As the show started airing and word starting getting around, I started to wonder about the truthfulness of the stories in the later season; how much of it was really people in need or people just looking for their 15 minutes of fame.

I don’t think you can have a ‘relationship’ with someone without having seen them, let alone one episode where a couple were ‘engaged’ without even meeting each other.

And that takes me to my next point: Webcam not working? Bullshit! Most modern computers with webcams, most modern phones come with cameras and even if they don’t, webcams are dirt cheap to buy.

On the rare occasion, some of these people even brought gifts or sent money to the catfish! They were the moment where I just wanted to reach into the screen and shake these people.

I did like how, even being a MTV show, they still accepted gay and lesbian catfishes.

The soundtrack is pretty cool too with a mix of pop and alternative music, with the artist and track listed, in case you want to buy it.

It is a good show, eye opening, but good. Not something I would watch again though but I will watch more if and when it airs.


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