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Let's have a closer look at everything we've seen in the trailers, sneak peeks, officials or not...

!!! SPOILERS !!!

1. Time to get up, sleepyhead

2. She's in Atlanta. Slabtown was a red-light district established in Atlanta in the 1840s, and located off Decatur Street. On the present site of Grady Memorial Hospital. (source : Wikipedia)

3. The clock is working which means there's electricity in the building.

4. She has a new scar

5. In an unreleased sneak peek, we learn that these people say to her that they found her, unconscious on a road, surrounded by walkers (source :

6. A bitten woman ! Let's cut her arm !

7. Hi, I'm Officer Creepy

8. Obviously the bitten woman didn't survive the surgery.

9. She likes officers creepy for breakfast

10. A new friend ? Noah (Tyler James Williams). Obviously they want to get out. But why ?

11. Because of the walkers ?

12. Beth 2.0 - No hesitation

13. "Elevator shafts have never looked so grim." Raina (

14. The only way ?

15. Finally out !

16. Meet a unexpecting friend

In an unreleased video, we saw Carol, inconscient, brought into this hospital. Beth saw her.

17. Who's this guy ?

Thank you for reading this.

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