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We finally have a first official look at Terminator 5: Genysis, starring Emilia Clark as Sarah Connor, Jason Clarke as John Connor, and Jai Courtney as Kyle Reese. Now, although I'm a little unsure about how the movie's going to end up, the pictures themselves look great.

Now, throughout all of the Terminator franchise, I've always wrestled with one annoying little paradox in my head. In the original timeline (unaltered by time-travel) what happened? When you think about it, there must have been one universe that was unaltered by time travel where Kyle Reese doesn't go back in time to meet Sarah. So what does that mean for the entire series? What happens to the resistance? Does Sky-net just win outright? I mean what would this say about the predestination theory? It would be possible to change the future if there was one original timeline right? And since the subtitle of Terminator 5: Genysis (Genesis) implies, we're going to see the origin of something (probably unrelated to this, but still...). These are my top 4 theories as to what could've happened in the original timeline.

Theory #1: Kyle Reese was the original leader of the resistance

In this timeline, Kyle Reese was the one leading the resistance due to there being no John Connor. In this original timeline, the resistance is losing to the machines, and in a desperate attempt , Reese himself goes back in time using Sky net's technology in order to prepare humanity for the coming war. The two would still meet. fall in love (through slightly different circumstances), and end up having John Connor, who Kyle sees as an opportunity to mold into humanity's leader during the war. Kyle realizes that his younger self would eventually be born while the war is going on, so he tasks John with finding his younger self and when the time's right, sending him back in time. Thus, the Terminator universe is born.

Theory #2: There was another John Connor

In this timeline, John Connor's father wasn't Kyle Reese. Sarah ended up having children with a totally different man, living her life normally when the machines turn against humanity. Sky-net, losing the war, decides to try and kill Sarah before she gives birth to John, which John responds to by sending back his totally unrelated best soldier, Kyle Reese. In this instance, he was only supposed to have protected her, and nothing else. However, things get a little heated between the two, one thing leads to another and WAH LAH! The John Connor we all know and love is born. The rest is history.

Theory #3 The trial and error theory

This one seems especially hopeless for the humans. In this timeline, the resistance, under some unknown leader, is decimated by the clearly overpowering machines. This time one of the high ranking officers would go back in time trying to change the outcome. The first time fails, but they try it over and over again, choosing different people each time due to the tinkering to the timeline that the previous time traveler did. This method continually fails until one time, the shifting in the timeline finally causes Kyle Reese to be the one to travel back in time, which would be the first time John Connor is introduced to the universe and the first time the humans actually win the war.

Theory #4 The unoriginal heroes theory

In this theory, there was another leader (or leaders) of the resistance who brings victory for the humans. Sky-net decides to send back a Terminator to kill them while they were children, or their parents before they were even born, similar to the T-X in T3. In this time there is no John Connor yet, so they have no reason to go after Sarah. Kyle Reese tries to go back in time to save them, but ultimately fails. With the original savior of humanity lost, Kyle decides to live out the rest of his days before the war starts enjoying the relatively peaceful past. He meets Sarah. The two of them have John together, and Kyle trains him to be the new leader of the resistance, which starts off the regular timeline.

What do you guys think? Do you believe these theories? Do you have your own? Write in the comments what your thoughts are!


Which theory sounds the best?


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