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I'm in ma mid 20's and well lets just say ma world is just pretty much weird and amazing dats if ur able 2 get into ma mind and explore it
Tochukwu Marcellinus Chima

Hmmmm have you ever wondered or imagined what a Harry potter series would look like folks? well JK Rowling i just wanna inform you that your fans are dying for sumfin new sumfin totally off the radar if you know wah i mean. I was wondering the series should be totally different from the harry potter sequel, the story line in the series definitely wud have 2 change if its gonna be insanely fun to watch by our luving fans out there. Ohk JK Rowling how bout directing a series the houses in Hogwarts still remain and new characters this tym is gonna be the children of harry,ron,haermoine,ginny etc. well uhm i don't know or what do u think???? yea and the thing bout magic spells is gonna be cool coz there is gonna be a new twist in performing magic and inventing one. inventing a magic spell wud be somewat of ur signature mark lol! Well The school of witchcraft and wizardry can't just die yet!!! Thats it!!! the title for a new harrypotter series is gonna be called "SCHOOL OF WITCHCRAFT AND WIZARDRY OR HOGWARTS" for short. I don't know its just sumfin i thought of. U've got any better ideas JK Rowling and luving fans out there? Uhm the Film Directors of Harry Potter are included in this as well so u lot aren't left out :)


ohk guys wat do you all think bout seeing a Harrypotter series?



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