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The month of October has come to a close, and with it a variety of films. Before the next lineup of movies hit theaters, I have decided to do something new. At the end of every month, or at the beginning of a new one, I will take a look back at the films I saw in a previous month. From that list I will pick a movie that I will designate "The Film of Month". Now keep in mind, since I do not have the power to see every movie that hits theaters, there may be some films that don't get mentioned. So if you don't see a film that you enjoyed, don't get angry. With that out of of the way, let's begin with the month of October and see which movie was the film of the month.

Oct 3rd- Gone Girl (4.5/5 Hats)

Kicking off the month of October was the newest film from director David Fincher: Gone Girl. Based on the novel from Gillain Flynn, Gone Girl told the story of Nick Dunne (Ben Affleck) who finds himself the center of attention after the disappearance of his wife Amy (Rosamund Pike). In my opinion, Gone Girl is among Davide Fincher's better films. Thanks to its engaging plots, Gone Girl was able to do something different for the thriller genre. Not to mention the ; performances from both Affleck and Pike were impressive; especially from Pike. Gone Girl may not be for the faint of heart, but the movie is a can't miss for any moviegoer.

Oct 10th- Dracula Untold (3.5/5 Hats)

Up next is Universal's new take on the iconic vampire Dracula. Dracula Untold was about Vlad (Luke Evans) who was a ruler living peacefully in his kingdom. However that all changed when the Turks come for the children (including Vlad's son) to join the sultan's army. To fight against this menace, Vlad makes a deal with the vampiric Caligula (Charles Dance) and transforms into the legendary monster known as Dracula. The film jumped release dates as it was originally slated to hit theaters on October 17th. Despite that detail throwing me off, what took by surprise was how much I enjoyed this film. Though the movie did have its flaws, such as pacing and plotholes, I felt the movie's concept shined through. Dracula Untold felt like an origin story for the famous count; and Luke Evans provided a solid performance that captured the character's dark decent perfectly. It may not be a horror film for the ages, but Dracula Untold was indeed a unique picture for the vampire genre.

Oct 17th- The Book of Life (3/5 Hats)

Seemingly perfect for the Halloween season was the release of The Book of Life. Granted, this animated features deals with the Mexican holiday, The Day of the Dead, but a movie dealing with the supernatural was appropriate for the spooky season. The movie itself was alright. A lot of factors to Book of Life, such as the plot and characters, were rehashes of traits used in other animated films. However, that is not to say that the film was bad. The movie had a lot of fun moments to it and the animation design was appropriate for the film's concept. Though the main characters where rather standard in this film, both Kate Del Castillo and Ron Pearlman steal the show as the two deitys. The Book of Life may not have been the best animated film this year, but it was still a light hearted film for the whole family.

Oct 24th- Fury (4/5 hats)

Fury was released on October 17th, but seeing that I had no interest review the new release of that week, I figured I would see what this war film was all about. Fury was directed by David Ayer and tells the story of a tank crew battling through Germany during the end of World War 2. David Ayer's has always had a shaky resume, but I can say that Fury is one of his better films. The details put into the tank warfare, as well as the film's tone, really stood out in Ayer's direction. The only issue I had with the film was the plot. The story itself was not bad; however its pacing gave me no time to be invested in the characters or the situation. Though the movie was not a defining war movie, Fury accomplished what it needed to do and it is among Ayer's better films.

October was filled with unique movie, but of the releases I saw, only one came up on top and that is film is....

This may be no surprise, but to me, Gone Girl was is the film of October. David Fincher gave the thriller genre a different kind of movie as Gone Girl had me engaged all the way to the very end. With its enticing tone and astonishing ensemble, Gone Girl is easily one of the best films of the year.

So that's my pick for the best movie of October. If you have your own pick, feel free to mention in the comments below, and let me know what you think of this series. See you moviegoers at the end of November for another edition of Film of the Month.


What film did you think was the best of October?

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